5 Pre-Workout Tips To Boost Your Progress

What you do BEFORE your workout is actually JUST as important as the actual workout itself! 

An effective workout begins before you even start your first exercise. Having a proper pre-workout routine will allow you to perform exercises better and help sculpt your dream bod even faster. 

Here’s what you need to do before you start your workout to get better results!

#1 Plan your workout 

Have you ever gotten to the gym and thought “mmm, I’m not sure what to do. I’m just gonna wing it”? Girls, to achieve results, you NEED to be following a structured training program! 

Following an actual training program (or creating your own workout routine) allows for better results as you’ll be able to strategically perform exercises that are going to give you maximum results, you can track your progressive overload, and overall be working towards a clear fitness or physique goal. 

We make this easy. All you have to do is open your WBK app, and follow the workout scheduled for the day!

#2 Take your pre-workout 

To have a good workout, you need enough energy and focus to actually smash out your exercises! 

An extra dose of energy will allow you to perform exercises to a higher intensity and lift heavier, which will help you reach your physique goals even faster. 

For this reason, we LOVE taking OxyShred 15 minutes before working out. OxyShred contains caffeine from green coffee bean extract, and B vitamins which gives a natural energy boost (without any jittery feeling!) OxyShred also contains focus-enhancing nutrients like taurine and tyrosine which really help give you mental clarity and stamina to get through your workout! 

#3 Pump your playlist 

There is nothing worse than wasting time during a workout session scrolling through your music to find the right song to workout to. 

Our WBK Sweat It Out Playlist is the perfect hype playlist to help you smash your workout! Otherwise, be sure to create your own specific workout playlist filled with songs that make YOU feel motivated and energised! 

Exercising to heart-pumping music actually helps you exercise at a higher intensity which will help you sculpt your dream bod with ease!

#4 Do your warm up 

And no, walking from your parked car to the gym door doesn’t count! 

It can be super tempting to skip the warm up and jump straight into the workout, especially when you're short on time. But girls, warming up is absolutely essential! 

You will literally be able to perform the exercises more effectively if you’ve warmed up first. This is because warming up increases blood flow and mobility to your joints and muscles.

By warming up your muscles, you’ll be able to squat deeper, fire up your glutes more when you do hip thrusts, and really be able to make the most of every rep. This will only give you better results in the long run!

#5 Get a good night's rest 

Trust us, if you’ve slept well the night before, you WILL be able to exercise more effectively! 

Getting at least 7 - 9 hours of sleep each night will help your body recover faster from the previous workout AND provide your mind and body with renewed energy, so you can sweat it out and make the most of your workout! So girls, make getting enough sleep a top priority!

pre workout routine

Whilst the actual workout is important, so is what you do before your workout! In fact, incorporating these pre-workout strategies will help you exercise more effectively AND help you achieve the results you're looking for! 

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WBK Squad xx