5 Ways To Boost Workout Motivation

Struggling to find the motivation to work out? Girl, you're not alone! 

We all know consistency is the key to seeing results, but in order to stay consistent, you need to keep motivated! 

Exercising regularly can be a real struggle, especially when life gets busy.. But girls, with our tips, you will be able to keep that motivation high and start slaying your fitty goals! 

Commit to a program 

One of the best ways to boost your motivation is to actually commit to a workout program.

Programs are designed to keep you engaged and on the right path to seeing results, over a period of time. For most people, having a set time frame (like 8 weeks), and a clear goal to work towards (like building your booty), is the best place to start. 

With WBK FIT programs, all you need for a killer workout, is yourself and minimum equipment. Following along with our expert trainers, will help push you and keep you consistently showing up for your workouts.  

Create a pre-workout ritual 

Girl, you gotta HYPE yourself up for your workout! 

What you do BEFORE you workout is often JUST as important as the workout itself. Use the time before you workout to reframe your mindset, boost your energy, and pump you up.  

So what should you do before you workout? We suggest:

  • Putting on some cute activewear
  • Listening to a fun upbeat playlist 
  • Dance around to your fav song
  • Drink OxyShred 15 minutes before your workout to BOOST your energy and focus! 

Grab some new activewear 

Putting on a CUTE new activewear set is sometimes ALL you need to get you motivated for working out (we know y’all can relate!). 

You’d be surprised just how much of an impact what we wear has on boosting mindset, confidence, and physical energy. Wearing the same old workout clothes can feel super repetitive, so girl, it’s time to SPICE IT UP! 

We know you'll LOVE our Luxe Ribbed Collection - so check it out! 

Be social! 

It’s MUCH easier to get motivated when other people are supporting you. Sometimes, a little extra push from those we love is perfect for you to  stay on track. But don’t just rely on those in your life… reach out to your GLOBAL WBK FIT community.  

Sharing your gym selfies or progress pics with is on Instagram and posting in our EXCLUSIVE WBK FIT Facebook groups are just SOME of the ways you can engage with the community! All out #WBKgirls will give you the biggest hype up you need to keep on going. 

Keep your goals in sight 

When things get tough, take a step back and reflect upon what got you started in the first place. What are you trying to achieve? Whatever it may be, keep that in the forefront of your mind. If youreallywant to achieve something, that should be enough to give you the motivation boost you need. 

Don’t find your goal motivating? Maybe it’s time to reassess your goal, and figure out if there is another aspect of fitness or your physique that you’d like to work on! We have programs catered to every goal, so we KNOW there is something for you! 

Whilst having the motivation to work out can be tough at times, there ARE ways you can boost your passion and motivation for exercising! 

Need a little extra help staying on track? Join our WBK FIT community today.