5 Ways to Kickstart the New Year off Right!

Y’all I think we were all more than happy to kiss 2020 goodbye (Mwah, see ya never!).

Let’s start 2021 off with a bang and bring it in, in WBK style! To make the most out of 2021 let’s get started with some tips to keep positive and kickstart the good vibes!

Check out my ideas below for getting the most out of 2021!

  • Count your blessings 

I am a bit of a spiritual lady and I loveee the idea of affirmations. What is an affirmation you ask? Well, it’s a positive sentence that can be about anything and the idea is that if you repeat it enough you will believe.

Start your day off with a positive affirmation such as ‘My happy thoughts will become my reality’ or ‘I am surrounded by love’. Count your blessings and dwell on those instead of getting trapped in negative thoughts.


  • Make an effort to be kind 

Kindness breeds kindness! It’s not hard to be kind, you never know how much someone might need those kind words to pick them up. If you think of something nice don’t just think it actually verbalise it! 

  • Set your goals early 

Manifest, manifest, manifest! If you can dream it you can achieve it! My favorite thing to write down my goals and put them somewhere where I can see them daily. This way I never lose sight of them. Nothing is more satisfying than ticking off a goal in my opinion.

For those ladies that loveee writing down your goals, I got y’all covered! Check out my WBK e-Diary with it’s pretty enough to print out pages your goal setting never looked better 😍

My WBK e-Diary

  • Do what makes you happy 

Do you make enough time to do things that make you happy? I know most of us feel we don’t actually get to do some of the things we love due to lack of time and an array of other excuses.

This year promise yourself to do at least one thing that you love EVERY. DAMN. DAY! It doesn’t need to be something huge it can only take a few seconds whether it be doing a mini pamper sesh (which could be as simple as slathering on your moisturiser!), listening to your fave song, or chatting to friends or family. Do something for you every day, the mental benefits are unreal!

  • Commit to your health

I think we’re all a lil’ more health conscious after the year that was! Let’s take that commitment into the new year and commit to your health. After all your health is your wealth! Whether it be eating a bit more healthily or planet-conscious, exercising 3x a week, or even going for a simple walk to clear your head.

Make 2021 your year! Of course, your gal Kat can help y’all out with my 2021 THICC Challenge which kicks off on January 18th! It’s not too late to sign up :D I’ll be doing this one with you so let’s get THICC together and get healthier. I can’t wait to see all of your amazing results...not just outside but inside as well!

I hope y’all are feeling well equipped to achieve all your goals in 2021! We got this #WBKgirls let’s make this year our year!!

Katya xx