Best Exercises for Getting THICC

So you wanna get THICC but you don’t know exactly where to start? We got you, boo! 

With sooooo many exercises out there, it can be overwhelming knowing which are going to give you maximum gainz for that slim thicc bod🍑

Should you do compound movements, or isolation exercises? Lift light or lift heavy? Don’t stress - we are going to share with you our TOP 5 exercises for building that booty and sculpting your best hourglass shape😉

Booty Band Bridge with Abduction 

Glute bridge is the OG booty building exercise, but add abductions, and you got a whole new twist on a classic!

Glute bridge requires activation of your glutes (*obviously*) and hamstrings, but by adding an abduction at the top of the rep, you are strengthening your side booty muscles as well!

You’ll need a booty band for this exercise, but you can also perform this with a dumbbell on your hips to add more intensity!

Good Mornings

Good mornings are sooo underrated - if you haven’t tried it yet, you need to! Whilst the movement can be a little tricky to master at first, this exercise is a sure-fire way to strengthen and shape your peach 🍑

Keep the resistance a little lighter on this exercise until you master your technique. This is a great exercise to use with our long loop resistance band!

1 1/4 Hip Thrusts

Y’all knew that hip thrusts would make our top list - but you probably weren't expecting this variation!

Whilst all types of hip thrusts help strengthen glutes and hamstrings, adding a ¼ rep (like a little pulse) activates your glutes even more for that fiery burn 🔥

Try it just with your own body weight, a dumbbell or barbell!

Romanian Deadlifts (RDL) 

RDL’s are perfect for activating alllll your glute muscles, hamstrings and lower back to help build that peachy physique 🍑

No matter what stage of fitness you’re at, you can make RDLs work for you by using a booty band, dumbbells, or barbell. The key is to lift a weight heavy enough to perform all your reps with maximum effort - without it compromising your form!

Glute Kickbacks 

Glute kickbacks are an absolute staple in a thicc workout routine. This exercise reaallyy fires up your glutes since it works on one side of your body at a time!

If you’re at home, you can use booty bands to perform this exercise, or you can use the cable machine at the gym.

Remember - don’t go toooo heavy with the resistance. Since you’re only working one leg at a time, you’ll need to drop the resistance to a level you can manage!

Getting thicc is all about doing the right exercises and eating the best foods for booty gains. Follow our advice and you’ll be on your way to achieving your best slim thicc bod!

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