Creating The Perfect Night Time Ritual

A night time ritual is an end of day routine that can have many advantages for your overall health and wellbeing including; reduced stress, improved sleep quality and increased productivity. So, if you want to create the perfect night time ritual to feel your best, keep reading to find my top tips!

Set yourself up for tomorrow

If you struggle to juggle all your tasks or get ready in the morning, ask yourself what it is that holds you back and how you can get ahead the night before. For instance, I don’t usually have much time to make my breakfast in the morning so I always prepare it (or at least measure out the ingredients I need) the night before. To reduce morning stress, you can also set out your clothes for tomorrow or do some house chores like wash up dishes or do the laundry.

To avoid sleep-disrupting habits of over-thinking the different tasks I have coming up tomorrow, I also like to spend a few minutes writing a to-do list which helps to put my mind at ease and makes me feel more organized. 

Find ways to relieve stress

Stress has a massive impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. Therefore, I always prioritize doing an activity towards the end of the day that makes me feel relaxed. This can be anything from reading a book, doing a puzzle, journaling, going on a walk, listening to music, talking to a friend or even dancing like no one’s watching! 

Wind down and relax

After dinner, I like to have a warm shower or bath and do my skin care. This helps me to feel more relaxed and ready for bed. It’s also important to set the perfect bedtime environment by adjusting your bedroom temperature, dimming the lights and reducing bright light exposure one hour before your scheduled bedtime. I find this has a massive impact on how easy it is to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. Certain supplements can also assist with relaxation and promote a restful night’s sleep, like the  Blessed Booster Beauty Sleep from EHPlabs!

Ensure you’re getting enough sleep 

Once you have your night time ritual down pat, it’s essential that you are keeping track of how much sleep you’re actually getting. Sleep is essential for whole body function, repair and recovery, mood, memory, energy levels and even fat loss. It is advised that adults get 7-9 hours of sleep each time for optimal health and recovery- so be sure to set your bed and wake up time for these time frames, your mind and body will thank you for it!

Remember, the perfect night time ritual should be relevant to YOU and be something that makes you feel relaxed and ready for a productive day ahead. 

If you want to find out more about how to build a holistic and healthy routine which enables you to reach your goals and get you on track on being your healthiest and happiest self yet- be sure to check out my Be That Girl program. We’re in this together! 

Elise xx