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Top Fitness, Nutrition & Mindset Tips For New Moms

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Congratulations on motherhood! Being a mother is not easy and focusing on yourself can be a challenge, which is why I’ve decided to share my top tips on how to ease back into the swing of things. 

Postpartum Fitness

Once you’ve received medical clearance to get back into training, it’s highly beneficial that you do so, at your own pace.  The benefits of returning back to regular exercise include:

  • Restoration of muscle and strength that may have diminished during pregnancy, This will  assist you in everyday tasks as a new mommy and make it easier to look after your little bubba.
  • Promote weight management and assist with weight loss for a healthy new weight range - studies have indicated those who retain pregnancy weight one year postpartum are more likely to retain that weight fifteen years later. That’s why it's important to slowly ease back into a healthy routine when you can. 
  • Reduce the risk of postpartum weight related disease such as; diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure. 
  • Improve energy levels and reduce stress.
  • Overall, will feel happier! 

It can be hard to get back into exercise as you have no idea where to start, however, the first starting point should be focusing on building your core strength. Once your core and body weight strength built up, you can start to incorporate weighted exercises. Remember, there is no rush to your fitness journey so do not feel obliged to lift weights if you do not feel ready!  

Postpartum Nutrition

Pregnancy and postpartum life can be the most stressful times on the body and it is through nutrition that we can help speed up our recovery. Focusing on macronutrients will assist in both reaching your goals and providing you with energy, which us mommy’s definitely need!  Be sure to include a source of protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats in your meals for muscle recovery, hormone regulation and nutrient absorption. 

  • Protein sources include lean meat, seafood, dairy, legumes and protein supplements.
  • Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of fuel and will provide the energy required for both looking after a newborn and whilst exercising to gain strength and muscle e.g., pasta, rice, bread
  • Fats don’t make you fat and are crucial for hormone regulation and nutrient absorption post-pregnancy and during training e.g., fatty fish (salmon/tuna), egg yolks, oils, nuts

Not only do we need to focus on the types of foods and the nutrients we are eating, but on our caloric intake as greater energy is required. Exclusively breastfeeding women require approximately 400 to 500 additional calories per day beyond what is recommended for those who are not breastfeeding, even for fat loss! Therefore, listening to hunger cues needs to be accounted for so that no matter your goals, you can provide your baby with an adequate supply of milk. 

Postpartum Mindset

Ladies, pregnancy and giving birth can be draining and looking after your mindset is a must! It can seem almost impossible to make time for yourself when you have a newborn, but it is necessary to both your own health and being the best momma possible.

These are my ways to help in creating a positive mindset:

  • Make time for yourself and do self-care activities e.g., skincare, exercising and journaling
  • Giving birth is a beautiful experience and a gift from your body, so be kind to your post-baby body and understand that your body will take time to adjust
  • Increase social interactions with friends and family to avoid feelings of isolation
  • A lack of sleep can cause stress and fatigue, thus, a increasing sleep can help reduce negative thoughts
  • Write or speak aloud compliments to yourself! Ladies, repeat after me ‘I am beautiful and I am worthy’. 

Looking after your fitness, nutrition and mindset postpartum will assist in reaching strength and physique goals in addition to reducing negative emotions. 

My 6-Week Post-Baby Comeback Program covers all these aspects to help focus on you in a time efficient manner as a busy mom- we've got this!

Kat xx

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