Get Ready To Sweat It Out!

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a littleeeee different to what we were all expecting! Let’s adapt to our circumstances and make the most out of a situation! So many #WBKgirls have still been working hard at home so it’s time to show off the progress you’ve made! And that’s where my new ‘Sweat It Out’ Challenge comes in!

Get ready to shred down that unwanted fat and show off those curves and hard-earned muscle!!! This challenge is going to be the most fun one EVER and I am beyond excited for it.

I’m going to help you girls get into the best shape of your lives! With curves in the right places, a slimmed down waist and the infamous poppin’ booty! Let’s come out of this #quarantine life looking hotter than ever! As a trainer, I thrive off seeing my clients achieve their dream bodies and become more confident both inside and out! 

Why is it good to work up a sweat?

  • Keep active!

Did you know it’s recommended we get 150-300 minutes of moderate or 75-150 minutes of vigorous exercise per week to stay healthy?

  • Mood-boosting benefits.

Iso’ been getting a lot of us down, so why not get your blood pumping with a sweaty workout! It’s a sure way to improve your mood naturally!

  • Get that healthy glow.

Who doesn’t want the fresh and dewy skin look?! Getting sweaty allows your pores to open up and release bacteria. Just be sure to shower after to wash it all away!!

  • Boost immunity.

Proteins produced by your sweat glands can even help you to combat infection. I don’t know about you, but I’m taking every chance I’ve got to reduce the risk of getting sick!

  • Detoxify.

Sweating allows us to get rid of unwanted toxins from our body. Whether that be alcohol, toxins from foods, heavy metals and even BPA from plastics! My body is a damn temple so getting rid of these things is defs important to me. So, let’s get sweaty!

    What’s included in my ‘Sweat It Out’ Challenge

    • Home OR gym-based 8-week program (with the option to switch between this is a feature we’ve NEVER had before!)
    • Sweat inducing fat burning workouts! With progression throughout the program to maximize fat loss and maintain muscle. 
    • A bomb ass meal plan with new delicious recipes! With the option to choose veg/vegan OR regular. 
    • Weekly self-care challenges (let’s keep that mind healthy too!)
    • Access to my exclusive FB forum to connect with other #WBKgirls
    • 24/7 support from my team of fitness and nutrition experts to answer any queries you have. 
    Take a look at some amazing #WBKgirls whose results speak for themselves!




    So what are you waiting for? Make the most out of iso’ time and reveal your spiciest bod ever!! Sign up to the Sweat It Out Challenge today!