Girls Run The World!

Happy International Women’s Day to all my #WBKgirls!

March 8th is about celebrating all the amazing things women achieve, breaking down gender stereotypes and promoting gender equality. This holds such a special place in my heart because I believe it is SO important to uplift one another and celebrate each other's successes! I love seeing how all my #WBKgirls support each other on social media. Us girls are unstoppable when we have a community of inspirational women surrounding us! 

Here are my tips on how you should celebrate this International Women’s Day - 
Workout with your besties! 

Working out is suuppeerr empowering and will totally make you feel like you are working on becoming the best woman you can be! But don’t just work out alone - the ultimate way to feel the girl power is to have a group workout session with your girlfriends! Head to the gym, take some cute selfies, and smash some booty building exercises together! If you can’t make it to the gym, invite your friend over for a home workout session, or even exercise together over Zoom. Don’t forget to pump up music from your fav female singers to amp up the girl power! 

Make some new girlfriends! 

Our friendship circle can never be too big - we need a team of empowering women around us! Think about if there are any other women around you that you haven’t really spoken to before and start a conversation! Maybe it’s someone you work with, study with, or maybe it is someone from your gym. You never know, you might not only find a new friend, but you are also helping to build a network of amazing women around you! 

Connect with other #WBKgirls on social media! 

When you sign up for one of my programs, you know that you are joining a worldwide community of thousands of #WBKgirls! Once you’ve gained access to our exclusive facebook forums, you are able to connect with all the other incredible women who are also doing WBK challenges. Show your support by engaging with other #WBKgirls on the forums by starting a convo, helping answer each other's questions, or leaving a nice compliment on other girls' posts! 

Treat yourself! 

Not only is International Women’s Day about uplifting other women, but it is also about celebrating YOUR amazing achievements! Give yourself the day to pamper yourself and reflect on the incredible woman you are! Take some time to journal, give yourself a facial, make yourself a treat from my Sweet Treats eBook, and watch your fav movie. You deserve to recognize all your successes and treat yourself like the queen you are!

Nothing warms my heart more than seeing how women have the power to uplift each other to reach a whole new level of success! I hope you all have a special International Women’s Day celebrating all the incredible women around you, as well as yourself! If you’re not already part of the WBK community, make sure to have a look at joining my programs! I can’t wait to see all the amazing things we get up to in the future! 

Katya xx