Got Gymtimidation? Here’s How To Workout With Confidence!

Does the thought of working out at the gym make you feel uncomfortable? You’re not alone, girl! Gymtimidation is super real - loads of people don’t feel comfortable working out at the gym. It’s easy to get intimidated by all the confident looking baddies in the gym, but that shouldn’t stop you from slaying your workout! 

Whilst you can totally workout at home, exercising at the gym gives you access to so many different types of equipment which not only make your workout harder, but keep your workouts filled with so many different fun variations! 

So how can you beat gymtimidation? Here are our top tips to slay your gym workout with confidence! 

Scope out your space 

Do you just stick to one part of the gym? Girls, it’s time to scope out your space! If you have a gym membership, you should totally be utilizing ALL of the gym - that’s what you're paying for! You may be totally missing out on super beneficial equipment if you only stick to the one area of the gym. 

Girls, don’t forget - there are women’s only gyms you can join if that environment would make you feel more at ease. There are even women’s only sections in lot’s of mainstream gyms as well. You deserve to feel fully comfortable in the space you decide to workout in!

Exploring your gym space is the best way to feel more comfortable. So girls, put your headphones on and walk around the entire gym for the duration of one or two songs. Trust us, no one will notice or care that you are walking around - everyone is too busy focusing on their own workout!

Take a mental note of where different types of equipment are, and even how people are using the different machines. It will give you more confidence next time you workout there!

Have a set workout plan

Walking into the gym can be intimidating if you have no idea what you’re doing. How can you overcome this? Have a set plan! Knowing exactly what exercises you will be doing and what equipment you need to use will give you a clear sense of direction and confidence.

WBK FIT programs make this SUPER easy - you literally get access to your workout plan with video demonstrations and descriptions of each exercise on our mobile app! Our app shows you how to perform each exercise with the correct form.

You will never feel alone when you’re following along to our trainer’s videos. If you feel nervous about exercising, WBK FIT is always here for you - just look down at your phone and let us guide you through the gym so you can workout with confidence! 

Dress the part!

Gym top + cute leggings = confidence boost🔥 ! The clothes we wear have a big impact on our state of mind. The right activewear that makes YOU feel cute can really boost your confidence! Our Signature Bra and Classic Ribbed Leggings are literally PERFECT for making you feel snatched yet super comfortable! Such a cute + classic combo! 

If you’re feeling a little self conscious about your workout clothes, our advice is stick to all black - you’ll still look super sleek but it will be less attention-grabbing than a super bright colour or animal print! Many #WBKgirls will also opt for leggings over booty shorts - but if you feel more confident wearing booty shorts, go for it🍑 !

Tie a jacket around your waist

Feel a bit self conscious when doing squats or deadlifts? A super easy clothing hack is to tie a jacket around your waist. If you're working on your booty gainz but aren’t feeling quite confident yet, then this simple hack can make the biggest difference! Building your perfect peach can take time, so you should do whatever it takes for you to maximize your workouts in a way that makes you feel comfortable 😊

Don't compare yourself to others - learn from them! 

Instead of comparing yourself to others, learn from them! If you find yourself looking around the gym watching other girls who may have the physique you are wanting, or have better exercise technique than you, try to actually learn from watching them instead of letting the comparison bring you down!

See someone squatting better than you? Try and figure outwhy they squat better. Do they squat deeper? Do they have a more upright posture? By pinpointing this, you can then apply it to your training and see greater improvements!

Whilst gymtimidation is super real, there ARE ways you can overcome it and finally build the confidence you need to slay your gym workouts! So girls, don’t let the fear of working out at the gym stop you - apply our tips and you’ll feel confident and comfortable in no time! 

Need extra guidance so you can nail your workouts and build your dream physique? Join our WBK FIT community today! 

Team WBK Fit xx