How My Diet Has Improved My Skin

My motivation to follow a plant-based diet came from wanting to help the fight against animal cruelty. BUT! What I didn’t know were the amazing health benefits of a plant-based diet on my health! As most girls are, I have always been a little self conscious about my skin. I’d have little (and not so little!) breakouts here and there while I was a teenager, which I thought would level out as I became an adult. Unfortunately they didn’t. Until now! Katya food Of course, I still suffer from the odd blemish or two, but the improvement in my skin since becoming a vegan has been amazing! Following a largely vegetable-based diet means I reap the benefits of getting plenty of antioxidants, which protect my skin from harsh environments and prevent the effects of aging. You’ll notice that the nutrients in the foods I recommend for improved skin, are often present in the products you buy for your skin. By consuming these nutrients, they will be incorporated into your skin on a cellular level.

Key Nutrients for Skin Health

Vitamin A - Acts as natural sun protection, antioxidant.

Vitamin E - An antioxidant that helps protect the skin from harsh environments.

Vitamin C - Keeps the skin strong and healthy by supporting the production of collagen and is a protective antioxidant.

Fatty Acids - Help to keep my skin moisturised, soft and thick as well as help fight inflammation

Even if you’re not following a plant-based diet you can try some of my diet tips and tricks and see if they work for you too!

The Best Foods to Get You GLOWING!

Avocados - It’s the healthy fats and vitamins C and E in avocado that will work wonders for your skin. These healthy fats, along with vitamin C ensure your skin doesn’t dry out and keeps it soft and elasticised. Avocados also provide the skin with good amounts of protective antioxidants.

Nuts and seeds - Most nuts and seeds provide the body with antioxidants. Almonds are known to help to fight inflammation and reduce swelling. This can reduce the occurrence and severity of breakouts. Walnuts are rich in essential fatty acids; it is the omega 3 and 6 fatty acid ratio in walnuts that is particularly beneficial, especially for those who don’t consume meat. They also contain zinc, which is helpful when fighting bacteria and inflammation. Sunflower seeds are also a good source of zinc, as well as the antioxidant selenium and linoleic acid, all of which combine to help fight inflammation, keep the skin youthful and bouncy!

Vegetables - Vegetables provide substantial amounts of antioxidants and countless micronutrients that will work wonders for your skin. Specifically, broccoli, tomatoes, sweet potato and bell peppers are rich in the nutrients that will help to fight aging, improve skin elasticity, protect from the elements, and keep your skin moisturised and soft. Katya food Other skin-nourishing foods include green tea, soy, kiwi fruit, coffee, chickpeas and dark chocolate. Another essential component to keeping your skin looking great is hydration! Staying hydrated isn’t just good for your overall health, but helps to keep your skin looking plump.

Remember to be patient! Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is good skin! It takes consistency and commitment. The outer layers of your skin are regenerated and replaced around once a month, so this is the minimum amount of time you should give your dietary changes to take effect. The foods you eat are almost, if not more important, than the creams and treatments you use on your skin, so use my tips to help improve your glow from the inside out!

To see how you can follow a plant-based diet like me that will help you improve your skin, your health and reach your overall goals, click here! If my meal plans have helped improve your skin, as well as reach your goals, make sure you share your pics with me! Tag @workouts_by_katya #WBKbabes!


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