How To Prep For A Fit Girl Summer ☀️

Who’s ready for a FIT GIRL SUMMER?☀️ 

Making sure you have everything prepared before starting the FIT GIRL SUMMER challenge will help set you up for the ultimate success! 

For the first time ever, this challenge will bring you workouts from THREE trainers. Before you start sculpting your booty with Katya, building strength with Daisy, and burning fat with Elise, there are a few things you need to get prepped! 

Set Your Goals 

If you want to see results, you need to set a goal! FIT GIRL SUMMER is all about improving your overall fitness whilst building lean muscle and dropping body fat - but setting your own specific goals can help you see greater progress! 

So what do you hope to achieve? A sculpted booty? A tighter waist? More body confidence? Whatever it may be, write it down at the start of the challenge and keep track of it throughout the weeks to keep you motivated. Our WBK diary is perfect to increase boost your self-motivation and keep you on track!

Get Your Equipment

This is especially important for y’all who chose to workout from home! You’ll need dumbbells, booty bands and a long loop band to complete the set exercises. We recommend using a yoga mat to make the exercises more comfortable! 

Clean Out Your Pantry 

It’s time to give your pantry a detox! To give yourself the best chance at sticking to your meal plan, it is a great idea to clear out any non-nutritious foods from your pantry. That means clearing out processed foods, store-bought sweets, white sugar, vegetable oil, soda, store-bought fruit juice and more. 

But don’t stress - you can still have a FIT GIRL SUMMER eating food you love! Your meal plan is filled with DELICIOUS and healthy meals that will totally satisfy your savory and sweet cravings. There are over 500+ different meals, with everything from pancakes, burritos, pasta, smoothies and so much more!

Order Your Supps

A lot of #WBKgirls struggle with low energy and motivation throughout the 8 week challenge - this is where OxyShred comes in! OxyShred literally gives your body a burst of energy whilst helping to burn fat AND reduce sugar cravings! We LOVE Kiss My Peach which is Katya’s signature OxyShred Non-Stim flavor, or OxyShred Kiwi Strawberry😍

Want to build your booty or strengthen your muscles? You’re gonna need the help of protein powder! Blessed protein is our absolute FAV - filled with plant-based goodness to give your body all it needs to get those gainz💪Katya’s Blessed flavor collab - Blueberry Pie, is SUPER delicious and tastes of sweet blueberries and flaky pastry🤤

Sore muscles are suppeerrr common, especially during the first few weeks of the challenge as your body adjusts to the hard workouts. The solution? Beyond BCAA-EAAS! The amino acids help reduce muscle soreness and improve recovery so you can slay your workouts👏We all LOVE Raspberry Refresh flavor! 

Katya Elise Henry Blessed Protein

So girls, get excited! FIT GIRL SUMMER is almost here! We hope y’all get yourself ready to start the challenge - we can’t wait to see the amazing results you will achieve! 

Feel like you're missing out? It’s not too late! FIT GIRL SUMMER starts in less than a week and the last spots are running out! Be sure to sign up to FIT GIRL SUMMER now! 


Team WBK Fit xx