How To Shred For The Summer

Are you ready to get shredded for the summer? Summer is the best time to show off all the hard work you’ve put into your health and fitness over the year so far! But, what should you do if you haven’t reached your fat loss goals? Don’t stress, cause it’s not too late - you can get shredded before the summer is over. Here’s how!

#1 Aim to exercise 3 - 5 times each week

There is no way around it, consistency truly is key when it comes to fat loss. Prioritizing exercise at least 3 times a week can really help boost metabolism and get you burning serious calories. Whether you like to train and gym or at home, moving your body regularly will help speed up the shredding process! 

#2 Do a mixture of resistance training AND cardio

A lot of women are under the assumption that you need to just do cardio to lose fat, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Resistance training is also vital to help maintain lean muscle mass, and create a toned physique. Adding in some cardio is absolutely beneficial to get you burning extra energy, but the key to fat loss really is a mixture of both!

#3 Prioritize cooking your own meals

It’s super easy in summer to get carried away with ordering take-out or dining out very frequently. When it comes to fat loss, it really is beneficial to cook your own meals. Often, home-cook meals are more calorie-friendly and nutritious compared to take-away foods. Just by simply cooking at home, you may be saving yourself some serious calories

#4 Base your meals around protein and veggies

As simple as it sounds, having a protein source and plenty of vegetables with your meals truly is a game-changer. Protein helps stabilize appetite, making it easier to stick to a healthy eating plan. Vegetables are low-calorie, yet high volume, meaning you can eat more food for less calories. The Summer Shred Challenge is filled with HUNDREDS of delicious, protein-rich meals for both regular and vegan diets! You’ll get to enjoy protein oats, teriyaki tofu rice paper rolls, smoothies, protein popcorn and so much more! 

#5 Aim to get enough sleep

Sleep is often super underrated when it comes to weight loss. Regularly sleeping less than 7 hours of sleep each night is associated with increased risk of weight gain AND slows down the rate in which you can lose fat. Try to prioritize getting at least 7 hours of sleep each night. Create a calming nighttime routine for yourself - have a warm shower, do a DIY facial, listen to a podcast, light a lavender candle… the options are endless! 

If you’re ready to FINALLY reach your fat loss goals this summer, then get ready for the SUMMER SHRED CHALLENGE! Designed to help you burn fat and get lean, SUMMER SHRED is filled with 8 weeks worth of fat-burning workouts and nutritionist designed meal plans to help you reach your fullest potential. We can’t wait to help you along your fitty journey! 

Katya and Elise xx