How To Track Your Calories & Macros

Ever felt confused about how to track calories and macros? You’re not alone! Trying to figure out calories and macros can be supeerrr stressful - but it doesn’t have to be! It is important to learn how to fuel yourself properly so you can give your body all it needs to slay your FIT GIRL SUMMER☀️

This blog is for all our #WBKgirls who need a little extra help with the meal plan side of our program and challenges. Whilst we do strongly recommend that you follow the meal plan given to you in the WBK FIT app, we do understand that many #WBKgirls would prefer to eat their own meals. 

But how can you stay on track with your calories and macros if you are not following the WBK Fit meal plan? We are here to answer your most common questions!  

How Do I Track Calories?

Girls, let’s get this straight - calories are not something you need to obsess over! In fact, here at WBK FIT, we like to focus more on the quality of food rather than just looking at the numbers! 

When starting a WBK FIT challenge, you will be given a meal plan based on a certain number of calories that is right for you, based on your age, gender, height and physique goal. The meals in your meal plan will fit perfectly into your calorie level to give you the nutrition your body needs! 

If you choose not to not follow your meal plan, you may wish to track your own calories (of course, you don’t have to do this!) You will need the help of a calorie tracking app and would have to manually log the food you eat every day. There are plenty of free apps you can download such as My Fitness Pal. 

It can be super tedious to have to manually track your own calories. It would require you to be aware of the portions of food you are eating and actually stay on top of logging it into a calorie tracking app. 

Our advice if you chose to do this, is to track your favorite meals so you are aware of the calories, and eat it in place of a meal with similar calories on your WBK FIT meal plan.

Looking for an alternative? Don’t focus on the calories and just choose to eat majority unprocessed, plant-based foods which will naturally be calorie-friendly anyway! 

How Do I Track Macros?

The same way you track calories! Of course, in the WBK FIT app, your macros are calculated for you and the meals provided meet your macronutrient requirements (carbs, protein and fats) without you having to figure out anything! 

If you choose to log your own food into a calorie tracking app, it will also tell you how many carbs, protein and fats you are consuming. The amount of macronutrients you need is dependent on your calorie level. 

As a general guide, your diet should be made up of 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fats. 

Not too keen on numbers? An easier way to ensure you are eating a good amount of your macros is to ensure each meal contains ¼ plate of protein, ¼ plate complex carbs, ½ plate of vegetables, and a drizzle of healthy fats like olive oil. 

Healthy plate portions

What do I do if I go over my calories or macros?

Keep on living your life as normal - you don’t need to ‘do’ anything! 

It’s easy to feel guilty when eating outside your calorie or macro goals - but girls, there is NO need to ever feel this way. Feeling guilty about food will not get you anywhere. Food is meant to be enjoyed and is totally not worth stressing over. 

There is no such thing as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods. ALL foods provide your body with energy and nutrients that your body can utilize, especially if you are exercising regularly! Plus, you need those extra cals to build your booty  😉

A few meals over your calorie level will NOT affect your progress. Everything balances out in the end. If you feel like you fell off track, don’t stress! Just pick yourself up and use your WBK Fit meal plan as a guide to inspire your next food choice! 

Katya Elise Henry with food

Whilst calories and macros can be a confusing topic, we hope this info has helped you understand it better! The main thing to remember is that your mindset is FAR more important than hitting your calorie and macro goals. 

WBK FIT helps make nutrition easy - if you’re ever stuck, just open your WBK FIT app and give our meals a try! Remember - you can always modify meals to suit your preferences. With over 500+ recipes on the app, we are SURE there will be ones you love! 

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Team WBK Fit xx