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How #WBKgirls Change Their Lives

I’m so proud of all my #WBKgirls. Each and every one of you inspire me everyday through your hardwork and dedication. I see you guys changing your lives first hand. Here are some of the ways I’ve seen you guys transform both inside and out of the gym.
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I’m so proud of all my #WBKgirls. Each and every one of you inspire me everyday through your hardwork and dedication. I see you guys changing your lives first hand. Here are some of the ways I’ve seen you guys transform both inside and out of the gym.

Insane body transformations

Of course when following my program to a tee, including following the nutrition plan, I’ve seen my ladies achieve the body of their dreams. It’s so cool how when you start to see results it drives you to continue working on that insane figure! I’m talking those thiccer lower bodies, tighter waists, toned arms and bigger smiles. Whatever your goals are, whether it be wanting to shred some fat or aiming to build up that booty we got you!!

It took me years to transform my body to what it is today, and believe me I’m still working towards my goals. I’ve come so far from being small and shapeless to becoming curvy, feeling so womanly and thicc in all the right places. 

Check out some of these babes below who are absolutely on fireeee! 🔥🔥🔥



More confidence in the gym

I grew up with my mom as a personal trainer and my dad who was always involved in sports and weight training, so I’ve always felt pretty confident in the gym. However, I know this is not the case for a lot of my #WBKgirls. A big outcome I aim for with my programs is teaching girls how to properly do exercises through the use of videos and step by step instructions. This way, you guys can legit see me doing the exercises and be sure you are completing them in the correct form. 

I show you guys how to use the sometimes intimidating machines in the gym, so you can be confident when using them. Remember, if you ever are unsure of how to use something, just ask a personal trainer. I guarantee they will be more than happy to help. The last thing anyone wants is an injury in the gym! Or if you’re not a fan of the gym, then we’ve also got you covered with our at home version of my programs.


“Being on a workout plan gave me confidence in how to continue to achieve my goals!" – Topaz

Love working out

Exercising is not always about slaving away in the gym on the treadmill. I want exercise to be fun for everyone that way you’re much more likely to stay motivated. I switch up the exercises in my programs so working out is always exciting and different, but still with a focus on building that body. This gets your body using different muscles so your body is never getting used to the same exercise causing results to plateau. Even if you’re working out from home! At ‘Workouts by Katya’ we pride ourselves in making exercise enjoyable and a part of your everyday routine. 

Better nutrition knowledge

I’m sure you’ve seen me rattle on about the importance of nutrition and filling your diet with plants. I do this because yeah exercising is super important, but if you’re not fuelling your bodies with the right foods you may not be getting the results you want. My programs work best when a meal plan is followed alongside, in my app I also include food tips to help you with eating healthy or check out some of my previous blog posts to help you on your way. 

“I have tried various different diets / healthy living etc and have always been unsuccessful and given up by day 3. This challenge kept me focused, motivated and most importantly made me find the enjoyment of getting fit”.

How amazing is this feedback from Amy! You are an incredibly inspiring woman and we are so proud to call you a WBKgirl!!

Loving yourself

“The difference I have seen in myself both physically and mentally is insane, I’m now actually beginning to love my body and myself again!" 
–  @laurenseale

It’s incredible to see the #WBKgirls feeling more comfortable in their own skin, seeing their self-esteem improve, and being able to practise self love on a day to day basis. Absolutely slaying my ladies!!! 

Working towards goals in the gym and kitchen can make you feel proud of what you have achieved! I know when I’ve trained my booty off in the gym and have stuck to my meal plan eating wholesome and delicious plant based foods, I feel awesome both inside and out. 

WBKgirls fitfam

Another super important part of the WBK way of life is the friendships I’ve seen you ladies form <3 This makes me soooo happy that we have such an amazing community that lifts each other up. 

When purchasing one of my programs or signing up to the challenges you also get access to our amazing Facebook forum where you can connect with like minded #WBKgirls. You also have the opportunity to chat with my team of professionals at WBK who can answer any fitness or nutrition related questions. 

“It feels great to get closer to my goals, along with the whole WBK community that supports each other along the way!" – @itskatsalazar  

"What motivated me the most was seeing all the results from your programs on Instagram.” – @katelynnwaggoner

Even during the pandemic our WBK fam has never been stronger! I can’t wait to be able to start taking Bootycamps and meet-ups with you girls when it is safe to do so <3.

So what are you waiting for? Change your life for good alongside thousands of other #WBKgirls! 

Katya hosting a WBK event



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