Introducing Elise!

Get ready to burn fat with Elise! 

Struggling with your weight loss journey? No one knows this experience better than our new WBKFIT trainer! Elise went from being overweight to finally achieving fat loss through WBK programs! Not only has she gone through a crazy fat loss transformation, but Elise has transformed from being a #WBKgirl to a WBKFIT trainer!

Who Am I?

Hey everyone! My name is Elise-Rose Stainer and I am from a small town in Midlands, England. I love hot summer weather (probably because we hardly get to experience it in the UK 😭) so I’m super excited to be a trainer for the Fit Girl Summer Challenge! I have gone through quite the journey over the past few years. I went from being quite fit, to becoming overweight, to then finally achieving fat loss through doing WBK challenges and programs. Now, I am SO excited to be a WBKFIT trainer so I can inspire others and be a part of their fitness transformations!

My Fat Loss Journey 

Growing up, I was quite athletic, playing sports regularly throughout my childhood. I love sports and fitness so much that I went on to study sports education at University! Ironically, it was during my university years that I started to gain a lot of weight. I completely became a comfort eater. I was eating take away allllll the time. I literally felt like I was eating to cure my problems. This led to me gaining a lot of weight. At one point, I was so overweight that I thought “what’s the point” of even trying to eat healthy. 

My back was constantly hurting, my knees were aching, and I was on the verge of diabetes and high blood pressure. What was worse was the fact that all my self confidence was gone. I felt SO unhappy within myself. I was so miserable and always so negative. I was always cancelling plans and I became so antisocial. Everyone around me - my friends, family and doctors were encouraging me to lose weight. But that wasn’t enough. I needed to make that choice for myself. 

elise rose stainer weight loss

There was one moment that made me decide it was time to change. One day, I was walking to my car late at night from the library. It was then that I realised if I was in danger, I literally would not be capable of running for my safety. That was the wake up call I needed. I knew it was time to get my fitness up and make the change I had tried so many times to do. 

I had always looked up to Katya. I loved how she embraces curves and normalized bodies. I was apprehensive about whether her programs would actually work on a girl my size, but I decided to try anyway. I signed up to a WBK challenge and absolutely loved it. I was doing the home workouts because I was too scared to go to the gym - but I LOVED that I could get the results I wanted exercising from the comfort of my own home.

I’m not going to lie, it was super challenging because following a program requires discipline, and trust me - I had NONE! There was blood, sweat and tears, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I am SO proud that I was able to lose fat. Even though I had so many failed weight loss attempts before WBK, I am proof that it CAN be done! It doesn’t matter if you’ve failed hundreds of times before, because when you actually do it, all those other times won’t matter! 

Elise Rose Stainer Weight Loss

My Training Style

I LOVE high intensity interval training! I find that HIIT is most effective for fat loss, plus, it really is fun once you get into the zonneee! HIIT is really good at keeping your heart rate up whilst strengthening your muscles - it's the perfect fat loss combo! No muscle group will go unmissed with my HIIT training - it’s definitely a full body workout! If you’re a beginner, don’t stress - there are plenty of exercise variations so you can still get maximum results despite your training level!

Why I Joined WBKFIT

It blows my mind that I can go from literally just doing WBK challenges to becoming a WBKFIT Trainer! I really want to inspire others to finally take the steps to achieve their goals. I know that SO many people struggle to lose weight, but I know that with my methods, fat loss is possible - I’m living proof of that! I can’t WAIT to train you in the Fit Girl Summer Challenge. You’ll get to train my HIIT workouts throughout the challenge to improve your fitness and accelerate fat burning🔥

So what are you waiting for? Join Fit Girl Summer today

Elise xx