It Could Be YOU! Celebrating WBK Challenge Winners

Recently, I got to hang out and train with two incredible previous WBK Challenge winners, Sarina and Aisha! With every WBK challenge we run,YOU get the chance to win the ultimate challenge prize. Challenge winner’s are based on the best physical  transformations submitted to us, as well as hearing HOW the challenge has helped them transform from the inside. Sarina and Aisha both won challenges back in 2020, but we FINALLY got to have a WBK Winner’s Day celebration together in Miami. Keep on reading to find out a little more about them!


“Throughout the pandemic, I gained a good amount of weight and struggled with getting motivated enough to work it off. Once I saw the WBK challenge advertised, I knew it was the chance I’d been looking for.”

“ I finished the challenge off nice and strong. I am SO excited to say that now I can squat 205lbs! I am feeling extremely strong and happy!”

“I can see a huge difference in my body! I’m down 13 pounds which is INSANE for just 6 weeks. It's truly insane what your body can do when you put in the time and effort.”


“Years ago, I used to be 260lbs. I was starving myself unknowingly. Eating 1000-1200 calories a day, no carbs or sugars like AT ALL. I was extremely afraid to even look at carbs... and it didn’t work. I found myself constantly cheating, having no energy. Hard work but no pay off. I couldn’t get under 190lbs. I was frustrated.”

“Then I decided to start a WBK challenge. It taught me I didn’t have to eat so little or over exercise to get where I wanted to be. I stuck with it the entire time which wasn’t hard to do because the meals were SO delicious and kept me satisfied. 

“I’m so proud to be under 190lbs. When I started this challenge I was 198lbs and now I am 185lbs. I’m so grateful for this experience. A big thank you to Katya and her beautiful team.”

Sarina’s and Aisha’s transformations are nothing short of inspiring. THOUSANDS of women around the globe have changed their lives with the help of WBK FIT. Meeting Sarina and Aisha in personreally made me realize the incredible impact I get to have as an online trainer. 

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Can’t wait to help you achieve the results you’ve always been looking for ❤️

Katya xx