It's Time To Get THICC 🍑

Get ready girls… cause it’s time to get THICC! Our most popular challenge is BACK better than ever for 2022!

The THICC Challenge has been revamped with 8 weeks of booty building workouts, and delicious meal plans to help you sculpt your best slim thicc bod 😉

It’s time to build your perfect peach, snatch that waist and create that sexy hourglass physique to start 2022 off with a bang! Here are all the deets!

What does THICC include? 

THICC is an 8 week challenge accessed via the WBK FIT app. THICC includes:

  • 6x workouts per week with both GYM and HOME options so you can sculpt your best bod no matter where you are (peach)

  • 8 weeks of a totally delicious recipe-based meal plan (Regular OR Vegan) to fuel your gainz. You get to pick between 4, 5, or 6 meals per day! 

  • Training, nutrition, and mindset tips written by our WBK FIT experts to empower you with the knowledge to help you along your journey.

  • Access to our EXCLUSIVE FB group where you can be part of our WBK FIT community and chat to other #WBKgirls doing the challenge.

  • PRIZE POOL: $5000 cash prize pool: $2000 for the best transformation, plus $3000 worth of social prizes, split weekly!

What are the workouts like?

Getting THICC means building your booty, sliming that waist, and creating a feminine physique that our Queen Katya is famous for! 

The workouts are mainly strength-based to help you get those gainz. Every two weeks, the workouts will get harder - trust us, you’ll be challenged, but we guarantee you’ll have a lot of fun and an epic booty pump along the way 😉

You can swap between GYM and HOME workouts at any time - all you’ll need for home workouts are dumbbells, booty bands, and a long loop band! 

Each week, you will do: 

  • 3x Glute/Lower Body Days 
  • 2x Upper Body Days 
  • 1x Challenge Day to put your fitness to the test! 

What are the meals like?

Trust us - you’ll be eating like a QUEEN! We’ve added 20+ NEW delicious recipes written by our WBK FIT nutritionists to give you the nutrients you need to create that slim thicc physique ;) 

You get to customize your nutrition by: 

  • Pick between regular or vegan meal plan 
  • Pick how many meals and snacks per day you’d like in your meal plan (4, 5, or 6 meals)
  • Don’t like a recipe on your meal plan? No problem! Swap your meal to another meal on our WBK FIT recipe database!

What supplements will help me get THICC?

We strongly recommend using protein powders (either BLESSED or OXYWHEY) to help you with your gainz! You need enough protein to fuel that booty growth! Some recipes in your meal plan use protein powder as an ingredient - so we recommend grabbing it before the challenge starts! 

We also recommend using the world famous thermogenic fat burner, OXYSHRED to help you slim down that waist and create that snatched physique. OXYSHRED also acts as an amazing pre-workout to give you the energy you need to train your best! 

Here are some of our FAV THICC transformations - achieved in just 8 weeks! 

So, what are you waiting for? 

THICC challenge begins on January 17th so that you can work on those New Years’ goals right from the start! 

We can’t WAIT to help you get THICC in all the right places 🍑

WBK FIT Squad xx