Katya's Secrets for Staying Fit During Pregnancy

Can you really stay fit while pregnant? Absolutely - Katya has shown us that it is possible!

Keeping fit while pregnant has so many amazing benefits - like making your pregnancy feel more comfortable and reducing the risk of birth complications.

Even though you may be tempted to indulge in all your favorite treat foods and lounge around, making an active effort to stay fit will help your pregnancy AND help your body bounce back faster post-pregnancy!  

Here are Katya’s top tips on how she stays fit during her pregnancy!💪

Create a workout routine 

It can be super hard to get motivated to work out if you’re not even sure about how to exercise whilst pregnant to begin with! 

Following a set workout routine means you don’t have to think about what exercises you are going to do (you’ll be especially thankful for this if you have a baby brain). Exercising regularly throughout the majority of your pregnancy is KEY to keeping fit. Sticking to a routine will help increase your motivation to slay your fitty goals! 

Unsure where to start? WBK FIT has come to the rescue! We’ve taken the guesswork out of pregnancy fitness. Fit-Mama-To-Be takes you through 12 weeks of pregnancy-safe workouts to keep your pregnancy bod in tip top shape! 


Keep them glutes activated! 

Queen Katya would neevverr neglect her glutes, and neither should you! In fact, working dat booty is even MORE important whilst pregnant! 😉

Working your glutes helps strengthen your pelvic floor muscles (like kegels do), as well as helping to reduce back pain which is super common during pregnancy - especially in the last trimester! 

Glute specific exercises should definitely be part of your pregnancy fitness routine. Be sure to use booty bands for extra glute activation! 🍑


Adapt exercises to become pregnancy-suitable

Adapting exercises to become pregnancy-suitable is an absolute must. It is recommended that you reduce the intensity and impact of exercise to make exercise safe for pregnancy. 

Resistance exercise is still absolutely recommended during pregnancy, but you may need to reduce the weight you are lifting. Listen to your body and lift a weight that feels comfortable for you. 

It is also recommended to reduce high impact exercise and opt for low impact exercise instead. So you may need to swap your squat jumps to regular squats instead (dw, Fit-Mama-To-Be only includes pregnancy-safe exercises)👏 


Get those steps in! 

Going for walks is one of the easiest ways to stay active whilst you're pregnant. Walking helps reduce back pain, boost energy, improve sleep, and prevent excess weight gain. Plus, walking is a form of low impact cardio to help improve your fitness! 

Pregnancy can be tough - walking not only helps your body, but also your mind! It’s best to use your time walking to your advantage. Listen to music, a podcast, or even just take the time to appreciate the beauty of the world around you☀️

Katya has shown the world that you can be pregnant AND keep fit too! Fit-Mama-To-Be has been designed by Katya to help you slay your fitty goals with pregnancy-safe workouts and meal plans. PLUS you get more of Katya’s secret pregnancy tips to help  keep your mind and body in tip top shape. 

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WBK Fit Squad xx