Keeping Up Gains When The Body Wont Respond-WBK FIT
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Keeping Up Gains When The Body Wont Respond

Health is a Relationship Between You and your Body
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Health is a relationship Between you and your body

Who else has been fighting off a cold, or feeling super exhausted and run-down? I have been hit with the flu bad! Over the last few weeks I’ve been busy with travel, work, and all things “life” related. As much as I have been loving every second, it has taken a HUGE toll on my body. As a result, the past week I've been working on my incredible new program, Beach Please, from my bed and around the house!!! With that being said, it's very easy to lose muscle mass if I'm being this inactive, so working on getting my health back up is a priority! I'm taking all the necessary measures to ensure I'm feeling myself again! Since so many of you girls have been asking what the best thing to do about your training/diet is when you're sick or under the pump with life, I've put together a little blog to let you girls know what I do!


I cannot emphasize enough how important getting adequate rest is when your body is run down. If you have picked up a bug, your body will be giving you all the signs that it needs to focus its energy on getting better. If you ignore these signs and keep pushing your body, it will prolong your illness. As much as you might mentally hate having to take the time to recharge, physically this might be just the thing to get you back to speed and back into the gym! Respecting your body is one of the most important things that you can do when working on those gains. When you nourish your body, it gives back to you (and more)!

Getting a consistent good night's sleep will accelerate your recovery. I also think it is really important to create a bedtime routine that you stick to each night. Sleep, regardless of how you are feeling, is crucial for you to be able to work at your optimal performance. Tweak your bedtime routine to get optimal night’s sleep:

• Aim for 8-10 hours of sleep per night

• Go to bed earlier than you normally would

• Tech off an hour before bed

• Read a book to unwind

• Drink chamomile tea

• Do a relaxing stretch, yoga flow or meditation

• Use oils, like lavender oil to help calm you.

• Have OxyRem (Burns fat while you sleep + regulates sleep, aids recovery and lean muscle growth

• Have a warm bath with calming oils + epsom salts

Create your own 5 step bedtime routine, and new evening habits with my template below. Try sticking to it for 7 days and see how you feel that week. If you are consistent, it will have such a positive impact on your day ahead!

Nourish Your Body

You need to make sure that over this time you nourish your body with all the right fuel! When you are sick, your body will be screaming for carbohydrates. The energy that your body can get from carbs is the easiest form to process. When you are sick your body’s immune system is focused on fighting off nasties. To be able to do this process it needs energy (and it needs it quick), thus the carb cravings coming in! I would encourage you to try and give your body the right foods to help speed up the process of recovery. Particularly if you are trying to transform your body, you don’t want a bad cold to get in the way of your progress.

Make sure you load up all your meals with greens, drink A LOT of water (think an extra 1L then you normally would), up your complex carbohydrates (like sweet potato and pumpkin) and most of all make sure that your meals are balanced with unprocessed and natural ingredients. When I am sick, I crave sweet and simple! I also like to incorporate a lot of immune boosting juices and wellness shots. Start using more tomato juice, kale, beetroots, ginger, apples and all the leafy greens! All about getting more vitamin C into my diet! I also loveee making a smoothie, it is the easiest way to satisfy all my cravings and easily nourish the immune system! Try making my Nourish Your Body Smoothie below:“smoothie


I know that trying to keep you #WBKbabes away from the gym when you are sick is near impossible, I feel you there! Rest easy ladies, you may not have to completely stop training. Instead, try to adapt your workouts to suit your energy levels. I would recommend to really turning down the intensity of your workouts, keep the demand on your body relatively low, and remember not to be too hard on yourself over this time!

As I said above, your body is working hard to get you back to speed! Include low impact workouts like walking, yoga and at home booty band sessions. If you are anything like me, exercise is your therapy... So removing it completely is not an option! One key thing to keep in mind when you’re under the weather is to do your best to keep your nasties to yourself! If you are sneezing, sniffling and coughing, then it may be a good idea to steer clear of the gym and do a home workout instead (if you’re up to it). If in doubt head to your doctor to see if your symptoms are contagious!

Below I have provided the workout I have been doing at home while I have been sick. It can easily be done at home, and at your pace. Use this window of time to really slow it down the pace, and work on nailing the technique! Getting sick does not have to be the thing that breaks your streak of healthy new habits! Instead, use this time to create new habits and introduce processes that are going to continually set you up for incredible results! “booty

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