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Learning To Love Myself – #WBKgirl Katie's Transformation

#WBKgirl Katie has had an incredible transformation. Katie transformed from a woman who did not know anything about diet or exercise to completely immersing herself in WBK programs to achieve her goal of fat loss! Through being part of the WBK community, Katie has been able to understand her body better, learn to love herself AND boost her confidence, all whilst improving her health and fitness. Here is what Katie had to say about her experience!
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Each and every one of my #WBKgirls have amazing transformations. Today, I wanted to showcase Katie’s transformation.

Katie’s goal was to shape and tone her body whilst keeping her feminine curves – she definitely accomplished that! 

Ever since Katie’s first WBK challenge, she has been fully immersed in the WBK community, having done four challenges in less than a year!

With WBK, she’s been able attain her goal of  fat loss, tightening up her core, and sculpting her feminine physique.

Here’s what Katie had to say about her experience! 

WBK Challenges 

“I started doing WBK challenges in June 2020 and I’ve done so many since! I've done the Sweat It Out Challenge, the THICC challenge twice and now I’m doing Peach Please. I absolutely LOVE these programs!”

Her transformation 

“I lost a great amount of weight in my midsection and toned up all around. To me, I see I gained confidence, discipline, structure, and self love!”
"I’m beyond happy with my results from this challenge, it has helped continue to push me to achieve my goals. I pushed myself to the limit and didn’t give up!”
"I’ve learned so much during this journey and progress is everything. To sit back and look at the pics from where you started and to see how far you’ve come, and how much you’ve accomplished since, is an unbelievable experience."
"Thank you sooooooo much @workouts_by_katya for making this happen and for giving that extra boost of confidence always! 💜"
Her mindset change
“Before, I didn’t know anything about my body or diet. I was too concerned with “toning up” and I was NOT happy. That led me to NOT be consistent and slack off. I realized overtime that it was because of 1 thing... not understanding my own body!"

"Now I am strong and determined. With WBK, dreams become reality, results become noticeable, and goals turn into an everyday lifestyle. You feel it hurt, you feel it burn, then you feel progress sis!"
WBK food

“I loved all the meals on the WBK app. My favourite meals are cinnamon banana oatmeal, mushroom and onion carbonara, and lasagne soup 😍”


“I absolutely LOVE Blessed plant-based protein. I make my shakes with it and cook with it!”

“I use OxyShred as a pre workout and to help burn fat. I also love using EHPlabs Beyond  to help with muscle recovery”.

 Seeing progress 

“When you do this, you can achieve anything. What I’ve learned so far in this journey is sometimes progress is slow, but it’s progress for a reason.”

"I’m so much stronger than the left side picture because I didn’t give up and I pushed myself to accomplish my goals. It really proves what determination can do, & that all starts with YOU."

Coaching thousands of amazing women around the world into becoming their best self makes me so happy!

WBK programs are not only designed to get you fit and healthy, but will help give you a positive mindset so you can continue to see long-lasting results.

Remember, there is no ‘start’ and ‘end’ to your transformation – health and fitness is an ongoing process, and I am so thrilled to be part of all your journeys! 

Not part of the WBK community yet? Join my programs today!

Katya xx

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