My Secret Weapon For Muscle Recovery

Ever experienced the super irritating feeling of muscles so sore that you can barely move? Yep, that's delayed onset muscle soreness! There is no worse feeling than super sore muscles after a killer workout, but girls, you don’t have to just put up with it! I’ve discovered a super effective supplement that has helped me sooooo much with sore muscles as well as improving my performance at the gym!

My secret weapon to banish muscle soreness is… Beyond BCAA-EAA! If you’ve gone a bit too crazy on leg day, this will become your new best friend. It is a totally new, reinvented formula to reduce muscle soreness, improve focus and help you slay your workouts!


What are BCAAs and EAAs?

BCAAs stands for ‘Branched Chain Amino Acids’. The three branched chain aminos (isoleucine, leucine, & valine) are essential to the body because the body can’t make these amino acids itself. BCAAs are stored inside the muscles and are KEY to decreasing soreness! 

EAAs stands for ‘Essential Amino Acids’ which are extra amino acids that the body needs through your diet since it can’t make it itself. They have a range of functions not just for exercise, including improving the immune system, regulating hormones and increasing energy! 

Vegetarians and vegans (like myself!) may struggle getting our essential aminos since plant-based foods do not always have enough of the amino acids we need.

How do BCAAs and EAAs help muscle soreness?

BCAAs decrease muscle soreness by reducing muscle damage, and decreasing lactic acid build up (lactic acid is responsible for that feeling of burrninngg muscles!). BCAAs also help to increase production of protein in the body to help you achieve muscle gains without the soreness!

EAAs help with muscle soreness in similar ways as BCAAs, and helps increase protein production to help with muscle repair. EAAs have EXTRA benefits like improving mood, increasing energy and endurance so you can train harder! 

When should I take BCAAs & EAAs?

The best part of EHPlabs Beyond is that it has both BCAAs & EAAs together, which makes it super convenient! It is considered an ‘intra-workout’ which means it is best consumed during your workout to improve hydration and deliver the nutrients to your working muscles!

Just mix 1-2 scoops with water in a shaker bottle and drink it throughout your workout! Raspberry Refresh is 100000% my FAVE flavor – it is deliccciouuss and I love the perfect balance of fruity sweetness!

Muscle soreness is common, especially if you are new to exercise or have been pushing extra hard lately. But girls, don’t let muscle soreness get in the way of your training! Trust me, Beyond BCAA-EAA has been a GAME-CHANGER. Now I can train hard knowing I won't be super sore the next day. Nothing will get in the way of my progress! 

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Katya xx