Overcoming Gym Intimidation

Something that holds a lot of girls back from starting at, or continuing to attend the gym, is... INTIMIDATION! The fear that we won’t know what we’re doing or will just embarrass ourselves somehow! While this fear is normal, it is definitely not necessary and I am going to help you overcome gym intimidation.

Plan before you go. If you are afraid of walking into the gym and having no idea where to go, what exercises to do, and whether you will do them correctly, the key is to plan in advance. Walk into the gym with a program that tells you exactly how to do each exercise, as well as how many repetitions and sets to perform! All of my programs offer exercise videos, so you will never need to second guess whether you are performing it correctly.

People are paying more attention to themselves than to you. How many other people have you paid attention to in the gym and judged? The answer is likely to be not many. That’s because we are all so absorbed in what we are doing, that we are not concerned about what those around us are doing! So don’t just assume that fellow gym-goers are watching you because they likely are not.

Train with a friend! If two of you are walking into the gym together, it is likely to feel much less intimidating. Grab your friend and try a Workouts By Katya session like the one below!lower body workout Ask a Personal Trainer for help. That is why they’re in the gym! I can guarantee that a personal trainer or gym staff would be more than happy to help with any questions that you have, from helping with your form, to explaining all the machines thoroughly.

Don’t be nervous, and remember that it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to technique. If you really dislike the gym, you can always train at home. It is very possible to achieve results and follow a great program that is based at home. Because you don’t even need to leave the house, home workouts are also great for anyone who is short on time. Katya working out So leave your worries at the gym door and enjoy your workout, because you deserve to be at the gym just as much as anyone else there!