Shedding Off Lockdown Pounds - #WBKgirl Sarina's Transformation

We LOVE seeing how WBK FIT programs and challenges help transform #WBKgirls lives! 

This week, we are shining the spotlight on #WBKgirl and previous challenge winner, Sarina! 

Sarina joined the WBK Fitmas Challenge back in December 2020. After struggling with weight gain during the pandemic, Sarina saw the challenge as her opportunity to shed off the extra pounds AND focus on building strength. After achieving INCREDIBLE strength gains and a weight loss of 13 pounds from the 6 week challenge, we crowned Sarina as the challenge winner! 

Sarina is a true example of how determination and effort can help you achieve the results you’ve always wished for! 

Sarina weight loss transformation

Joining WBK FIT

“I have been a huge fan of Katya before she even had one million followers on Instagram! She has been such a huge inspiration for why I started getting into fitness!”

“Throughout the pandemic, I gained a good amount of weight and struggled with getting motivated enough to work it off. Once I saw the Fitmas Challenge advertised, I knew it was the chance I’d been looking for.”

Her Physique Goals 

“I hope to shred the extra pounds and lean up.”

“I also want to focus on my strength. The goal for me is to be able to squat A LOT of weight. Right now, I'm squatting 185lbs.

Seeing Results 

“I finished the challenge off nice and strong. I am SO excited to say that now I can squat 205lbs! I am feeling extremely strong and happy!”

“I can see a huge difference in my body! I’m down 13 pounds which is INSANE for just 6 weeks!”

“It's truly insane what your body can do when you put in the time and effort.”

booty transformation

Overcoming Barriers 

I truly believed for the longest time that lifting heavy and adding more weight would make you “BULKY” but that’s just not the case. So don’t be scared to add that weight girls!” 

“Sometimes anxiety gets in the way, but I always try my best to fight through it

WBK FIT Experience 

“I am so fortunate for this opportunity and how far I’ve come! I can't wait to purchase my next program. I  LOVED IT!”

Seeing the incredible transformations #WBKgirls achieve through WBK FIT programs make us SO proud. Exercise + nutrition can make the BIGGEST difference in your life and help you achieve the goals you’ve always been chasing. The WBK FIT app makes working on your fitty goals SO easy - everything you need to succeed is all in one place! 

Are you our next biggest transformation? Join WBK FIT today! 

Team WBK Fit xx