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'Sunday Reset’: What It Is & How To Do It

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A ‘Sunday reset’ refers to ways in which you can set yourself up for a productive week ahead. It’s also a great way to clear your mind and give yourself the break you deserve. 
Not sure where to start? Don’t worry- I’m here to guide you through it!



I always like to start with a slow morning and allow my body to rest as long as it needs before I get out of bed. After my morning movement and breakfast, I journal and plan out what day and time I have to dedicate for certain tasks and responsibilities. This is also when I reflect on my previous week and plan ahead for what’s to come. I also set aside time for any fun activities I can do that make me feel happy and fulfilled, like seeing my friends and family or doing one of my hobbies. 

When planning out your week, always ensure there is a balance between the tasks that will enable you to reach your goals, as well as fun and relaxing activities that make you feel good!


Meal prepping can be overwhelming to begin with but I promise it will get easier the more you do it and get the hang of it. I like to start by browsing through all the deciduous meals in the WBKfit app. I listen to my cravings and choose meals that fit into my schedule. Once I’ve swapped and picked all my meals and snacks, I look over the shopping list in the app. Once I’ve collected all my ingredients- it’s time to cook!

I like to rotate between 2-3 different lunch and dinner options for ease of preparation and freeze any leftovers for the end of the week to prevent wastage. If you find it overwhelming to cook lots of different meals at once, start by picking one cooked lunch and dinner meal you can swap between something that takes little to no time to prepare, like a salad or wrap. 


Clean space = clear mind. Cleaning your home, doing the laundry or decluttering your pantry and wardrobe may be a chore you often put off, but I find it’s super important in ensuring that you are well prepared and don’t waste time trying to get organized throughout the week. You can always make it more fun by playing your favorite music and stopping every now and then for a dance break or calling a loved one. I find these little side distractions make it go quicker and easier to actually do!


I always like to end the day with an activity that makes me feel relaxed such as; a DIY face mask, warm bath, light stretching or watching my favorite TV show. Whatever it is, choose something that makes you feel truly rested before Monday rolls around. 



Reset Sundays are great, but don’t let a fixed routine get you in a rut. Listen to your mind, body and treat yourself to what you need that day. Remember, how you utilize your time on a Sunday can help set you up for an amazing week ahead. 

If you want to learn more about how to get on track of your goals and become the best version of yourself yet, join my program and let me teach you!

Elise xx

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