V-Day is Me Day!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time my #WBKgirls start thinking about how we’re going to celebrate! Empowerment, body positivity, and self-love is at the core of WBK, so Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to embrace this! Putting more energy into our relationship with ourselves is just as, if not more important than our romantic relationships. It’s time for us gals to make ourselves feel special instead of relying on someone else to make us feel that way! 

Here are my top tips for making V-Day all about self-love!

Positive affirmations 

Y’all know I love positive affirmations because it is the perfect way to shift your mindset! If you haven’t tried it before, it is super simple - it is all about saying something to yourself with confidence to help boost your mood and make you feel good! My tip is to start Valentine’s Day by practicing some affirmations such as “I love who I am on the inside and outside”, “I become a better version of myself every day”, “my imperfections make me unique and special”, or come up with your own!

Move your body

And no, I’m not just talking about in the bedroom ;) I’m talking about smashing an epic workout! Exercise makes me feel strong and powerful, like I am ready to tackle anything that comes my way! Whether you follow one of my workouts, or even just go for a nice long walk, moving your body will help you feel like you are improving yourself physically to be the best version of you. Not to mention, exercise helps elevate your mood! Taking the time to work on your fitness goals is the ultimate form of self-love and the perfect thing to do this V-Day!

Indulge in a sweet treat 

Let’s be honest, we all crave dessert on Valentine’s Day, and ladies - we all deserve it! At WBK, we emphasize having a healthy relationship with food, which means that you can enjoy your sweet treats guilt-free! Eating healthy the majority of the time is so important to help fuel our bodies with the nutrition we need, however, eating a yummy treat can help make us feel satisfied and can definitely help lift our spirits. My team of nutritionists and I have come up with healthy sweet treat recipes that you can enjoy without derailing your progress! Try my Chocolate Molten Pudding recipe from my new Sweet Treats eBook out now! 

I hope all my #WBKgirls have a Valentine’s Day that is just as special as they are. Remember, self-love is the best love! 

Katya xx