#WBKgirl Elise’s CRAZY Transformation

All my #WBKgirls inspire me each and every day with their hardwork and dedication! This week, I wanted to showcase Elise’s transformation because it BLOWS ME AWAY!

Through the WBK programs, Elise has worked on overcoming her personal barriers through epic goal setting, and complete dedication to her diet and exercise – her results speak for themselves!

Elise first started with the WBK New Me Challenge back in September 2018. After the eight weeks challenge, Elise saw major improvements in her body composition, which led her to continue with healthy eating and regular exercise.

Not only were there physical improvements, but Elise finally started to feel more energised, happy and confident!

Within one year of starting with WBK, Elise went from 236 pounds to 167 pounds – that’s a weight loss of 26 pounds!

Her AMAZING transformation didn’t go unnoticed – we crowned her as the winner of the body transformation challenge back in 2019! 

Elise completely transformed herself physically, mentally and emotionally into a strong, confident and positive #WBKgirl!

We were SO impressed with her transformation and love for our programs, that she became a WBK ambassador back in November 2019! Since then, Elise has been inspiring THOUSANDS of other women to change their lives for the better on her instagram. 

Here is what Elise has had to say about her journey!

Starting a WBK Challenge

When I started the challenge I was in my final year of University and had tried loads and loads of other diets previously. I completed home workouts for the first 4 weeks till I gained confidence then started the gym. I would wake up at 6am, get to the gym for 6.30am, workout then be in lectures for 9am. I’d stay in the library till about 8pm each night and then go home”.

“I’ve learnt so much along my journey and the benefits haven’t just been physical. I don’t constantly have back pain, I feel happier, I’m comfortable, I can walk without getting out of breath, I’m not as bloated and so many more”.

Peach progress

“The picture on the left when I started, because I was big it became wide, flat and out of shape. Since doing the  @workouts_by_katya challenge there were booty workouts that have definitely helped and I’ve been doing booty workouts since trying to build and tighten”.

All about mindset 

“I wish I could rewind to my mindset back then and tell myself to be confident no matter what I looked like. I was beautiful back then I just wish I knew it!"

"Sometimes it’s hard not to get caught in comparing yourself to others and your journey to others but don’t compare. We’re all different, all beautiful and all on different journeys. Enjoy the journey because I learnt and grew so much on mine and I’m still learning and growing now”.

Plant-based eating

“I started a transition into becoming plant based and so far it has been good and I’m definitely feeling less bloated then I usually would so am excited to continue and see more benefits”.

Motivation and seeing results

“When people say it gets addictive once you start seeing results it really does so now I’m excited to work on building muscle and pushing further to see what my progress is like in a few more months compared to now.."

"..And seriously I had NO self discipline before the challenge so if I can do it anyone can”.

I am so proud of ALL my #WBKgirls! It is so inspiring seeing your self-confidence grow as you work on improving your diet and slaying your workouts!

My #WBKgirls are a sisterhood, always lifting each other up and empowering each other to keep nailing your goals!

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Katya xx