What To Eat Before A Workout

Pre-workout nutrition can be super important and is very unique to each individual person. Some may find that they perform best in the gym when they have not eaten, whereas others need something in their stomach to train at all! There is no one way that it should be done, however, I have some tips and tricks to share for whether you are eating beforehand or not.

Working out fasted does not necessarily mean that you will lose more fat, so please don’t force yourself to do this purely for that reason! If you workout first thing in the morning then you may find that eating makes you feel sick, and that is a great reason to go fasted. Some wake up ready to go, and don’t need food, coffee or any type of stimulant. Unfortunately, this is not everyone, so if you find that eating makes you feel sick but you still need a little pick-me-up then there are a few options! “Katya

Coffee is an option if you like it, tolerate it and have easy access to it. A cup of black coffee in the morning is an easy and simple way to wake up and get going!

A great alternative to coffee is EHPlabs OxyShred. This supplement was designed to be taken on an empty stomach and contains caffeine, among other stimulants that are a great form of pre-workout. Not to mention it doesn’t leave you with an awful come-down like other pre-workouts do!

If you decide to go to the gym fasted, just keep in mind that you will want to eat a good meal high in micronutrients and protein soon after, to ensure optimum recovery!

If you do want to eat before a workout, you may be wondering what the best thing is to consume. There are heaps of great options, but also a few things to bear in mind. I recommend trying to avoid anything that contains too much fat or fiber as these are quite slow digesting. Although we usually want these types of food as slow-release energy, before a session we actually want something that will energize us straight away!

Low GI foods are carbohydrates that do not spike the blood sugar, so therefore, they are going to give us more long-lasting energy. Rolled oats, whole grain bread, brown rice, and quinoa are all Low GI and are great options for post-workout, lunch or dinner! However, eating them too close to your session means that you will likely not be getting all the energy from them within your workout (which is when you need it!). This is one of the best times that you should be opting for High GI foods that will give you a spike instead.

Here are some ideas that you can try before your next session – “pre-workout

Figuring out how much to eat is up to your discretion, as we will all have a different tolerance. You want to eat enough to give yourself an energy boost for the duration of your workout, but not so much that you will feel full and sick at the gym. Just start small and trial a few different quantities!

If you need some more help with your gym regime, have a look at my training and meal plans! Not only do you receive a plan but you will be educated and supported every step of the way.