Which Program is Right for Me?

One of the most popular questions that my team and I get asked over and over again is ‘Which program should I choose?’. All my programs offer a GYM or HOME version but once you’ve figured that out, which one is right? Booty Builder OR Beach Body??? And what about 30 Days to a WBK Girl or a challenge? I’m going to break it down for you, with all the benefits and differences between the programs so you can choose your perfect program! 

8 Week Booty Builder Program8 Week Booty Builder ProgramBy far the best selling program and I’m sure we all know why! :D 

As the name suggests, this program focuses on more lower body and glute-based workouts. These will get you to build strength to help build up that BOOTY. These workouts will have priority on exercises like squats, deadlifts, and hip thrusts to build that poppin’ peach shape! 

The 8-week program is designed with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels which will take you through 4-6 workouts per week. We want to build a balanced looking body too, so as well as lower body focussed workouts there will also be upper body and core workouts to go alongside.  Bonus: I also include a yoga sequence to help stretch you out after all that heavy lifting!! 

The booty builder program will help you to perfect your form and work on building strength in each exercise. The purpose of this is to build up these muscles by using a technique called ‘progressive overload’ this essentially will cause stress to the muscles which in turn will help them repair and build stronger muscles. 

In the beginner program emphasis on perfecting your form will be the focus to ensure the proper lifting techniques are the foundation to your training. As a beginner you may experience ‘newbie gains’ where you find you’re developing muscle pretty quickly (yassss girl!). Exercises will use bodyweight, booty bands for resistance and dumbbells to begin your lifting journey! 

In the intermediate program we will build (literally) on what you have learnt in the beginner program and implement exercises that will be a little more challenging. This will include more focus on weighted exercises with dumbbell and kettlebell inclusions getting progressively more difficult with exercises to help you become more experienced. 

Finally, my advanced program will include a lot more exercises using barbells and exercises that are more technically difficult. Box jump burpees I’m looking at you!! I only recommend choosing the advanced program if you’ve already completed the intermediate program and feel you’re ready for more of a challenge OR if you’ve been lifting in the gym for a number of years and are quite comfortable using barbells.

8 Week Beach Body TransformationBeach Body TransformationIf you’ve got a body – you’ve got a beach body! This program is for the babe who wants to slim down a little and bring out those sexy curves & body definition. This 8-week program also has different offerings for beginner, intermediate and advanced exercisers so we got you covered!

We’re talking more high intensity interval training type workouts. A lil’ more cardio, and of course a split of lower body and upper body training to achieve that balanced bod! This program includes 5-6 workouts per week including a challenge day to really get your blood pumping! We understand how important it is to give your body enough rest so a bonus day of a yoga sequence is provided to give you an active recovery session. 

In the beginner program we focus on building up your fitness. Learning the correct techniques of exercise and building up cardiovascular fitness through a range of HIIT workouts.

In my intermediate program things get a little more tricky with cardio based workouts and exercises that build on technical difficulty.

Finally, my advanced program is not for the faint of heart. Combination exercises such as reverse burpee to burpee, and barbell lunges with kickback will ensure your body is moved in ways you haven’t felt before! HIIT workouts and cardio based workouts are also implemented but with longer work periods and short rests to get your blood pumping. Get ready to feel that burn!! 

Included in both my Booty Builder and Beach Body programs will be a diet plan to go alongside. Depending on your goal, you’ll also be the option to choose from weight loss, tone or build focused meal plans to ensure you are really working towards that goal! The weight loss program is targeted for those that are wanting to lose 5-10lbs, the tone program is aimed to focus on maintaining your current weight while still maintaining your curves and lean muscle, and finally, the build program is for those ladies who really want to work on building that booty! The build program will ensure we are fuelling our bodies with enough food to really THICCEN up that lower body! So whatever your goal, I got you covered ladies! These diet plans are available in either vegetarian or regular to suit your dietary preferences and fit into your lifestyle seamlessly. I promise you are gonna LOVE these recipes!!


 Booty Builder

Beach Body


For the WBK girl just starting out. Equipment will include bodyweight, booty bands, dumbbells. Focus on perfecting form.

For the WBK girl beginning her fitness journey. Focus will be on improving cardio fitness and introduction to simple exercises.
Intermediate Workouts will build on previous knowledge. Building strength with a lot of weight based exercises utilising dumbbells. Workouts will further aim to increase fitness. The program will aim to tone and build strength through a variety of weight based exercises.
Advanced For the experienced lifter. Building strength with more difficult exercises, utilising barbells. More technically difficult exercises such as box jump burpees. For the super fit #WBKgirls. HIIT training with longer active time and much shorter rest periods. Weight based training with higher technical difficulty including barbells and combination exercises.

30 Days to a WBK Girl
30 Days to a WBK Girl

30 Days to a WBK Girl is for the ladies who are curious to try my way of training or for those just beginning their fitness journey. This program is a 30 day teaser giving you a home or gym based training option and regular or plant based meal plan to choose from lasting for 30 days. This program aims to help you lose body fat, increase fitness levels and build muscle in your glutes and lower body. Included with this are exercise videos to ensure you’re performing exercises correctly and step by step instructions for recipes. You can’t go wrong!

WBK Challenges

Need accountability? A challenge is the way to go! Throughout the year many challenges will be offered. Although the theme of the challenge will differ, one thing will remain the same which is the community integration and accountability that comes with this. Each challenge you’ll be given the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and share your amazing WBK results! What’s more inspiring!! Each challenge new programs will be made up suited to the theme of the particular challenge (previously we’ve had THICC, Sweat it Out (more HIIT based training), and Peach Please (booty building). New recipes will also be introduced to keep those meal plans super fun and exciting.  

If you like the sound of all, don’t worry! Many #WBKgirls finish one program, then go on to do the other. First off, you may want to build the foundations of that round booty with the Booty Builder program, then you may want to follow it with the Beach Body program to reveal the curves you’ve been working hard to build! Or you may start as a beginner and do my 30 Days to a WBK Girl program and then follow on with a challenge to keep yourself accountable. SO MANY OPTIONS!