Why a Squad Will Help You Get Results

When you start a new diet or training program it can be completely overwhelming. What they should really call it is a life overhaul. You will be changing your diet, training structure and lifestyle choices. It can be such an intimidating feeling, and I know for a lot, that end goal can feel distant…

Today, I want to remind you these goals aren’t that far away when you have the right support system. I have been coaching around the globe for years now. I have seen individuals have the most incredible transformations, overcome huge mental hurdles and achieve the extraordinary.

Want to know the secret to these results?

The people standing beside these babes! “Katya Having a squad to support you, and hold you accountable will be the part of the process that will decide whether you get results, or give up part way through.

When I first created my Workouts by Katya brand, this was one of the very first things I started with. I wanted my #WBKgirls to know that they would always have the support from me, my sensational support team, and their new WBK family to help them overcome anything life might throw! Over the years I have been watching my #WBKgirls community grow, and the people that are now apart of the WBK family are truly sensational! This is the reason that I love my job so much. Everyday I check-in on the private community page and see what phenomenal things the community have got up to! Checking in for super tough workouts, creating the yummiest foods, insane transformations, aaaand my favorite part of all? Seeing posts and my babies being cheered extra loud by the whole WBK community! So, why does a squad help you get results?

1. Holding you accountable:

If you see one of your friends check-in for a workout there is NO way that you will be getting FOMO and missing out yourself! That one post will be fuel for you to get up off your peach and get to the gym (or workout from home)!

2. Inspo:

Turns out that another doing something inspiring, like hitting a new personal best, or creating magic in the kitchen could be just the inspiration you needed to do the same!

3. Daily Check-Ins:

Every day one of my #WBKgirls will check-in on the private page, which is a cue that you also need to be stepping up your game! “vegan

4. New Friends:

I have had my babes from across the globe build the most amazing friendships over the WBK app! They meet up to workout together, and I am even lucky enough to meet you all as well! Honestly, meeting so many of you recently at my WBK Sydney event was a career highlight for me. Whenever anyone asks me my favorite part of my brand is, it is meeting every one of you, and knowing what a positive impact the program has on your lives!

5. Transformations:

This is not about comparing to the babe next to you and thinking “I wish I could have that body”. This is about looking at the transformation and knowing that you are on the same journey! Your body is completely different than any others, and should never look the same. However, all my programs are designed to give you an hourglass silhouette. So know the ultimate end goal will always be a peachy booty and a slim waist! Think lots of booty workouts and allll the peanut butter!“transformation”

6. Positivity:

For every negative thought you might have, one of my community members has got a positive one to turn your mindset completely around! My babies are constantly checking in on the community page with whatever is going on in their worlds, and asking for their ultimate wingwoman’s opinions to help them overcome anything happening! Honestly, they have a solution for everything! I even get so inspired by some of their positive outlook on life!

7. Daily Reminders:

I think that it is so important to be reminded daily that you CAN do this. That you can turn situations around, always make time for things that are a priority for you and be your best! The WBK squad know exactly how to help you tick all these boxes daily! So, what I want to know is what has held you back from getting results in the past? Was it from giving up on yourself? Or not even knowing where to start? If either of these are you it is time to take control back on your life and come into my WBK family!