About Workouts By Katya

By Katya Elise Henry

Workouts By Katya is an international health and fitness brand brought to life in May 2016, created for the purpose of helping women who are on a journey similar to mine. For half a million girls worldwide, it is the go-to place for workout plans, recipe books, activewear and everything else in between!

Today, WBK represents female empowerment, body positivity and self-love. I have made it my mission to help women all around the world to reach their goals, gain confidence and learn to love the journey to becoming the best version of themselves!

My fitness journey started over 6 years ago, and it has taught me so much:

  • You don’t need to be great to start, you just need to start to be great;
  • Do it for you, and not for them; and
  • There is never a straight line to success - embrace all the ups and downs, because it makes you, you! ☺

Over the years, I’ve also learnt never to compare myself to others. I am my own motivation. And you can be your own too! Our health is an ongoing, life-long commitment, which is why I advocate for a balanced approach to fitness and nutrition, allowing you to enjoy life whilst still reaching your #fittygoals!

We are all unique - we run on different schedules, we train differently and we all have our dietary preferences. My WBK programs & challenges are tailored to suit your individual goals and are based on methods that work on not only myself, but many WBK girls worldwide!

I want to make health & fitness an exciting part of your lifestyle - let me show you how fun and empowering it can be! Come join the hundreds and thousands of #WBKgirls who are changing their lives for the better. Become the best version of yourself! Let’s work! ♡