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To help my girls out with gettin’ THICC this challenge, I have created my go-to starter kits. These are products that I have incorporated into... show more

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What's Included

The perfect add-on to my Thicc Challenge, you'll get my go to supps! 

  • OxyShred: my go-to pre-workout to ensure that I have energy when I’m working out. Most girls who exercise earlier in the day (before 4PM) prefer the regular OxyShred, but if you’re like me (sensitive to caffeine and/or vegan), then the Kiss My Peach Oxyshred (no stimulants) is for you!
  • Blessed Protein: the perfect staple for post-workout shakes to help you reach your protein intake, thicc shakes to keep you full, or making yummy treats to curb those sweet cravings!

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