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No gym? No problem! If you have a booty band and some space, then you have a killer workout! This e-book is going to teach... show more

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My 36-page guide includes:

  • How to pick the right resistance, perform the correct technique and properly engage with mind-muscle connection
  • How to create an effective workout session using my printable training session template
  • A whole bank of banded exercises, with complete workout videos, step-by-step instructions, tips to improve your form and different exercise variations
  • Different exercises and its variations to target the glutes, quads or hamstrings
  • Other ways to use your booty band and how, including warming up, during the workout, cooling down, stretching and finishers!

Building your peach couldn't get any easier! There's no better time than to start now. Let's do this together #WBKgirls!