Katya’s Recipe Book: Around the World!

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Did someone say VACAY?! Girls, pack your bags - we’re taking your taste buds on a trip around the world! ✈️😋 Enjoy 35+ delicious recipes!... show more


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  • 35+ delicious recipes including inspiration from Mexican, Italian, Japanese, French, Greek & Indian cuisines.
  • A section for sauces, marinades & dips to help liven up boring meals! 
  • A dessert section to feed those sweet cravings!
  • NEW WBK Kitchen Tips to help you get more creative in the kitchen. 
  • A meal planner and shopping list to help get you organized!
  • Tips to boost protein content of meals to help keep your gains fuelled and your tummy full!

I advocate for a healthy lifestyle and want to show you all how delicious, fun and creative cooking can be! Healthy eating does not need to be boring, I want my #WBKgirls to be excited about their meals! These are some of my favorite recipes from all different cuisines to transport you on that international vacay you’ve been craving, all from the comfort of your own home!

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