1+1=3... THE NEWS IS OUT! 👶

The news is out… it’s time for a new, mini workout partner 👀 

Y'all guessed it - I’m pregnant! It’s been tricky keeping this baby bump on the down low but I am SO excited to finally share the news with you all! My #WBKgirls have been asking me about how I’ve been training during pregnancy and my tips for keeping my pregnancy bod in tip top shape. I am finally ready to share all the deets on how I’ve done it and how you can too! 

Katya Elise Henry Pregnant

Training While Pregnant

I’m not gonna lie, it has been quite challenging exercising whilst being pregnant! Sometimes, my motivation and energy levels have been a little low, but I know that keeping fit whilst pregnant is SO important, and can even help make birth much easier (well, as easy as giving birth can be😭). 

Y’all know I was not gonna let my booty gains go🍑 Not only have I kept up my booty workouts, I’ve also been doing more core strengthening exercises to help with my posture, cause trust me, the baby belly can really weigh you down! Instead of doing heavy weights, I’ve reduced the resistance so that I am not placing too much stress on my body. I’ve also really been enjoying going on walks for some gentle cardio. 

Every pregnancy is different, so listen to your body to guide you!

Katya Elise Henry and Tyler Herro Pregnant

Can I Do WBK Fit Programs Whilst Pregnant?

You may still be able to do WBK Fit programs whilst pregnant, but you’d need to vary quite a lot of exercises to become pregnancy suitable! Not a lot of people know that there are certain guidelines that should be followed to exercise safely during pregnancy. For example, it is advised to not do any jumping exercises like jump squats, or even do any exercises where you have to lay on your back (from the second trimester onwards). 

Being pregnant has really shown me just how tricky exercising and staying fit can be. But don’t stress girls - I am SO excited to announce that there will be a WBK Pregnancy Program!

I’ve been working SO hard behind the scenes throughout my pregnancy to create a pregnancy suitable program to help all my #WBKgirls who want to keep up their fitness during pregnancy! The pregnancy program will be split into each trimester (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) so that you are getting safe exercises that will strengthen your glutes, core and keep you fit during your ENTIRE pregnancy!

Katya Elise Henry Pregnant

I can’t wait to share this new chapter with you all. Thank you all for the amazing support and loving messages so far - I appreciate you guys so much.

Chat to you soon!

Katya xx