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Bikini Booty Challenge Bundle Sale
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OxyShred + Ultra Energy Bundle Sale
Katya's Bikini Ready Bundle
Elise's Fat Loss BundleElise's Fat Loss Bundle
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Elise OxyShred Starter Pack Bundle Sale
Limited Time Gift Box By BlessedLimited Time Gift Box By Blessed
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Bikini Booty Bundle (excl. challenge) Sale

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The WBK FIT supplement bundles were created to help you reach your full potential. Choose from a weight loss bundle, vegan friendly bundle and body toning bundles. These specific products will assist you in achieving your specific goals. The weight loss bundle includes the amazing fat burning product OxyShred to help you shred fat and stay energised. The vegan friendly supplement bundle includes my all time favourite plant based protein, Blessed! Use this product in your body toning supplement bundle too, for maximum booty gains. Don’t let your hard work in the gym go to waste, and don’t limit your potential. Choose from my supplement bundles and save!