3 Training Styles to Burn Body Fat!

You know we all out here trying to get that snatched waist, thicc thighs that save lives and shapely arms. Tightening up can be hard! It involves both smashing your workouts and being consistent with your diet. Not the most exciting thing to hear but it works! Give these exercises a go below if you’re wanting to tighten up!

HIIT training

When I’m wanting to slim down a little I like to add high-intensity interval training into my programming. This doesn’t need to take up a lot of time either it can be 15 minutes total! It’s easy to add to even the busiest of schedules. High-intensity interval training is great as it allows your body to continue to burn calories long after you’ve finished the exercise! Ummm, sign me up! Give this workout a go below to add some HIIT training into your day :) 


Plyometrics are those fun exercises most of us like to despise! Burpees I’m looking at you ;P Plyometric exercises refer to aerobic style that involve a lot muscle and energy exertion in a short period of time. These exercises include some kind of jump in them. Including plyometric exercises in your training is a great way to increase your fitness levels, assist with agility training and torch calories! My fave plyometric exercises include squat jumps, lunge jumps, and box jumps. These help you tone your booty and slim down at the same time! Give this plyometric workout a go from my FITMAS challenge! 

Full Body Workout Card

Weight training

We know I love a good weight training sesh to work on my peach, but I also love it for helping to create that streamlined shape! Did you know that weight training helps to increase our metabolic rate? This is in part due to increasing our muscle mass. Pretty cool, huh? Weight training is also beneficial for improving posture, improving bone density, and reducing inflammation to name just a few benefits. Tightening up and improving your health at the same time! What more could you want? 

Like the sound of this style of training? Why not try my Beach Body program? It tightens you up in all the right places while allowing you to keep those hard earnt curves! Let me know what your fave type of training is when you’re wanting to tighten up but keep those thicc and poppin’ booty’s!

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