4 Ways To Track Your Booty Building Progress

As much as we want it to, booty doesn’t grow overnight! The key to building your peach like a #WBKgirl is to be as consistent as you can be with your training and nutrition. But what if you are not seeing progress? And how can you even tell if your booty is growing? I’m here to share with you some ways you can track your booty building progress!

Track Your Progressive Overload 

It’s one thing to be doing all the right booty exercises, but unless you are incorporating progressive overload, you won’t be seeing too much progress. Progressive overload means increasing the resistance of the exercises as your body adapts and gets stronger. For example, if you keep doing your hip thrusts with the same resistance weight, your booty won’t grow as fast. 

My programs like Booty Builder are designed based on this concept. It’s best to increase the resistance of each exercise approximately every 2 weeks, or once you feel the exercise getting easier for you. My advice is to  track the resistance weight you use for each exercise so you can see the progression. You only need to increase the resistance a small amount, but over time it adds up to a lot! 

Progress Photos 

The best way to literally see progress is to take photos! By taking photos of your booty each week, you will be able to directly compare and see the overall progress! To make for an accurate comparison, be sure to take the photo in the same pose, wear the same clothing, and keep the lighting the same. Keep in mind, growing your peach does take time, but you should be starting to see improvements even after the first month of consistent training! So don’t be shy  -  turn around and take a cheeky photo of your peach! 🍑

Katya Elise Henry Booty Transformation

Take Your Measurements

If you really want an objective way to measure your peach progress, get that tape measure out! You can actually take a hip measurement’ which is measured around the fullest part of the booty. As the weeks go by, this measurement should increase if your goal is to grow your booty. Keep track of these measurements, but remember that your booty will only grow in small increments - don’t expect your booty to grow 5 inches in a week! 


Keep On Top Of Your Nutrition

No matter how many booty exercises you are doing, you’ll only see progress if your nutrition is right! My WBK programs make this SO easy since they all include a meal plan with macros that are custom to your goal! 

Protein is key to building your booty, especially since protein is literally the building block of muscle. Make sure you are reaching your protein targets every day (for most women, it's over 100g of protein a day!) My fav way to get extra protein is by taking Blessed Plant-Based Protein as a shake between meals since it tastes sooo delicious as well as helping me reach my protein targets to keep my peach progressing 😏 

Katya Elise Henry Blessed Protein

Helping y’all grow your booty is my speciality. All of my #WBKgirls can grow their peach through my programs since the exercise plans and accompanying meal plan is designed to help you progress! Remember - booty building doesn’t happen overnight, so stay motivated and be consistent to see results! 

Katya xx