6 Things To Know Before You Gym Again

Gyms, we baaaaack baby! And I am sooo here for it! You guys like me may be itching at the seams to get back into your gym training, but after having a lot of time off or just doing bodyweight-only exercises, you may not be as strong as you once were. This will be the case for a lot of #WBKgirls (including me!) so I’m going to share my top tips for rebuilding your strength after time away. As we are still living through a pandemic, I want to share with you ways to ensure your safety and others as much as you can while working out at the gym. Be safe and let’s get those sweet peaches poppin’ again!

  • 1. Build S L O W L Y

Many of us are not used to handling the loads that we were pre-COVID, so it’s important not to risk injury by starting with those weights! Build up slowly as if you were a beginner again… I really stress this, as to not make yourself susceptible to injury. Make sure that you can handle the weight you are using, and perform the recommended amount of reps with perfect form before increasing the weight. This might take a little longer than you would like but it will be worth it, I promise! 

  • 2. Quality Reps > Quantity Reps

Your FORM is of the utmost importance when wanting to progress with a training plan. This is for many reasons apart from the obvious one which is injury prevention! Correct form will also ensure you are targeting the correct muscles (as doing an exercise slightly wrong, may involve recruiting different muscles). Building those booty’s involves performing squats, deadlifts, and hip thrusts with precision to build up that rounded shape we all love! In my programs, I provide my #WBKgirls with proper exercise instructions as well as videos to help you master your form.

  • 3. Recovery between sessions

It may be tempting to increase your training frequency while getting back into the gym but this may be detrimental to your goals if the frequency is too high. Giving yourself enough time to recover from your workouts will ensure your training sessions will be performed at your absolute best! Hello strength and booty gains!!! I usually recommend training between 5-6 times per week and listening to your body if you’re overly sore. If that’s the case it might be worth doing a longer stretch and foam rolling session to assist with recovery.  

  • 4. Gym anxiety is a real thing

A lot of girls I’ve trained over the years have raised concerns about being intimidated in the gym environment. Especially as we’ve all had some time away these feelings may be arising once again. Check out my blog on this topic for more information on how to overcome gym intimidation! Many of us may also be feeling higher anxiety towards returning to the gym due to COVID concerns and this is totally warranted! My advice is to take things day by day, if your gym is still overly busy or isn’t abiding to social distancing guidelines then there’s always the option to train at home. You know what they say ‘the home is your sanctuary :P’. 

  • 5. BYO! 

Bringing your own essentials such as a towel and mat will lessen how often you will be sharing equipment with others. Even though gyms are required to clean equipment between each use, in some cases, it might be hard to monitor this! To ensure your own safety (and that of others) I recommend wiping down any equipment you use before and after training. I also recommend bringing hand sanitizer with you and using it whenever necessary. We ain’t out of the woods yet ladies, so it’s better to be safe than sorry!

  • 6. Home training is still an option!

If all else fails, home training is still an option! If you have joined my current challenge I give you the option to swap between gym and home training. This will ensure you are ready if your circumstances change!

#WBKgirls, I want to arm you with the tools and confidence you need to slay your way back into the gym! Remember, gains aren’t built in a day so it’s important to focus on the journey rather than just the end result! I promise you’ll get there! Stay safe and enjoy transitioning your training back into the gym!

Katya xx