Balancing Study and Work - How Chelsea lost 11lbs in 8 weeks!

WBK FIT is all about celebrating our girls’ successes! Transformations aren’t easy to achieve - so we are here to highlight the amazing physical and mental changes our #WBKgirls make! 

Today we are shining the spotlight on Chelsea. With the help of WBK FIT, Chelsea has finally been able to embrace her body, build confidence and kick start her weight loss journey. Being a full-time and working two jobs, Chelsea has learned to prioritise health and fitness into her busy lifestyle to much success - she lost 11 pounds during her first WBK challenge! 

Let’s see what Chelsea had to say about her journey!

weight loss transformation

Joining WBK 

“I’ve been on and off going to the gym for the past three years, and I’d always given up because I wasn’t motivated - until I found Workouts By Katya.” 

“Katya made me realise that I am beautiful the way I am or 20 pound lighter. She made me want to be healthy and make this a lifestyle unlike before which was me hating my body and wanting to fit into society's definition of beautiful.”

Physique Goals 

“My goal was to lose weight but also stay toned and keep my curves - like Katya.”
“The fact that purely just following Katya and her workout page gave me a whole new view of myself and helped me realize I’m completely beautiful the way I am, is so mind-blowing.”

Her Transformation 

“Consistency and dedication goes a long way. The results of this challenge have literally changed my life.” 

“I went from laying in bed and eating nothing but takeout to making workouts and nutritious meals a daily routine.” 

“Not only do I look great, but I feel amazing on the inside! I wake up in a better mood, I have energy to accomplish anything the day throws my way, and most importantly, I’m taking mental and physical care of myself.”

Overcoming Hurdles 

“The transition wasn’t easy. I am a full-time high school student with two jobs, but when you want something hard enough, you get it done! I would wake up at 4am and push through until 11pm to make this challenge work for me!”

WBK Community & Experience 

“The WBK team is so encouraging and #WBKgirls are filled with so much love and support!” 

“WBK has opened a whole new door in my life that I cannot wait to explore! WBK unleashed a strength and fire that I didn’t know I had in me.”

We are SO happy to see the positive impact WBK FIT programs have on #WBKgirls lives. It’s not just about a physical transformation - we are so proud to see our girls build confidence, boost their happiness and live an overall healthier lifestyle. 

WBK FIT programs give you ALL you need for ultimate success - including an 8 week detailed workout plan and nutritious meal plan to help you meet your goals, whether it's to get thicc, build muscle or drop body fat👌

We can’t wait to help you on your journey! Be sure to join the WBK FIT community today

Team WBK Fit xx