Busy Baddie Reminder: Making Time To Workout

Ever feel like you want to work out but you just don’t have the time? Girl, we can relate!

Life can get mega busy, balancing work, studying, family, social life and everything in between. But with the right strategies in place, you absolutely CAN make time for exercise so you can work on your FITTY goals!

So how exactly can you make time for exercise when you have a busy schedule? Here are our top tips!

Figure out the best time of day to exercise 

In order to make time for exercise, you have to actually figure out WHEN it would best fit into your schedule!

Do you see yourself doing an early morning workout? A lunchtime workout? An evening workout? Really think about it and consider what time of day you could block out the time. You should also consider what time of day you would feel most motivated to commit to your workout.

Once you’ve figured out the best time for you, block it out in your schedule. No, literally, put it in your calendar! Make it an actual commitment as if it were a meeting or appointment. Keep yourself accountable, girl! 

Consider home workouts

You need to be realistic when it comes to working out and do whatever it takes to make it possible for you.

Gyms are an awesome place to workout, but it can be more time-consuming. You’d have to drive to and from the gym, wait for people to get off the machines you want to use… gym workouts tend to take up a larger chunk of time.

WBK FIT trainer, Hailee is a big fan of home workouts since it's super convenient and time-effective!

The good news is, home workouts can give you GREAT results and help you reach your FITTY goals! WBK FIT programs have both gym and home options so you can slay your workouts and build the physique you're dreaming of. The only accessories you’ll need are dumbbells, booty bands, and a loop band!

Wake up a little earlier

You’d be surprised HOW much more you can get done if you wake up just a little bit earlier! Even waking up 30 minutes earlier can make a big difference. Now that you’ve allocated time in your day for exercise, you’ll still need to make up a little time to get other things done.

By waking up a little earlier than usual, you’ll be able to catch up on your food prep, chores, studying, or anything else you need to take care of in order to keep your workout routine on track. 

WBK FIT trainer, Elise loves waking up a little earlier to fit in a morning workout, which is especially helpful on days where she’s mega busy!

Change your mindset 

A lot of things in life are mind over matter. If you view exercise as a chore or something you HAVE to do, you will start to lose the enjoyment.

Working out SHOULD be FUN! Really appreciate the time that you dedicate to exercise because you are doing something so positive for yourself. You’ll boost your mood, get your blood pumping and that booty growing ;)

It’s time to turn around the mindset of dreading a workout, to actually looking forward to it! WBK FIT workouts are designed to work that bod real hard whilst giving you the positive vibes you need to slay your day!

If you want to make time for exercise, you absolutely CAN, no matter how busy you are! It is all about striking the right balance and figuring out what works best for YOU. Sometimes, that takes a little trial and error, but don’t give up, and you will be able to make exercise part of your routine.

Need a little extra help and motivation? WBK FIT gives you ALL you need to slay your FITTY goals, improve your nutrition AND boost your mindset.

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WBK Fit Squad xx