Fitmas Season is Here!

Fitmas Season is here! 

Calling all my girls are you ready to get FITTY AF?! The holiday season is upon us and now is your chance to take things up a notch and get some awesome results! It’s not too late to achieve some fitness goals. Sign up to my 6 Week FITMAS Challenge today!

Let’s be real 2020 has not been the greatest year for many of us, and a lot of us have had our fitness goals TOTALLY railroaded!!! So why not finish on a more positive note? This 6 week challenge will get you looking and feeling your best, just in time for the holiday season. Drop body fat, improve your fitness and challenge yourself with plyometrics style training! You got this girl! Let’s get fitty!

What’s different about this challenge?
  • New workout split to target your glutes, upper & core, as well as full body sessions. This challenge is totally unique and will never be repeated! Available on app version or PDF. 

  • New workout videos! Yay!

  • Enjoy a different style of working out to challenge your fitness and coordination, just in time for the holiday period. We want to get you more fitty than ever!

  • Let me teach you how to flexible diet and not let your cravings get the better of you! 

  • Each week you will receive a new cardio challenge within the Facebook forum, this will be something fun to share with the rest of the community plus push your body that little bit further!

  • 20 brand new recipes added to the app! Plus exclusive extras in the facebook group for all your holiday cooking needs!

The workout program 
  • HOME or GYM training options are available. Challenge yourself no matter where you are!

  • 6 week training program with 5 sessions/ week. This challenge focuses on optimising fat loss while maintaining your curves, increasing your fitness, challenging yourself with plyometrics style training. 

  • Training days include glutes, upper body and core, lower body and 2 full body days. Can you feel the burn already?

The meal plan –
  • 20 NEW delicious meals! 

  • A meal plan with a regular or vegetarian option to suit your dietary needs. 

  • A weekly shopping list to making food shopping a breeze!

  • Ability to swap your dietary preferences (if using the app version). 

Try this delicious NEW recipe from the challenge meal plan! Who new healthy eating could be so yummy!Choc Chip PancakesChoc Chip Pancakes  (459 calories P 30g F 6g C 72g)


½ cup all purpose flour

1 scoop Blessed protein powder of choice

1 tsp baking powder

¼ tsp salt

1 tbsp maple syrup

½ cup water

1/16 cup dark chocolate chips (vegan) 


  1. In a bowl mix together flour, protein powder, baking powder, salt and dark chocolate chips until combined.

  2. Next add water and maple syrup and mix until batter consistency forms. If it's too thick add a little more water.

  3. Heat a nonstick pan over medium heat. Once hot add a ladleful of batter and cook until bubbles form on the surface then flip. Cook for a further few minutes until cooked. Repeat with remaining batter. Serve with your favorite toppings.

As always you’ll receive exclusive access to my Facebook Forum where you can connect and chat with my #WBKgirls from all over the globe! Instant support & encouragement is just a few taps away!

My team of WBK fitness & nutrition experts are also here for you - so know that 24/7 expert advice is just an email away.  

What are you waiting for #WBKgirls?!
Get fitty this holiday szn with the FITMAS Challenge!
Let’s end 2020 on good note and reach our fitness potential! Sign up today!6 Week FITMAS Challenge | JOIN NOW