Getting Those Booty Gains

For all of my girls who want to grow their booty but don’t know where to start, or have been trying to build the glutes and nothing seems to be happening, this is for you!! There are a few factors that affect the growth of your muscles, and most of them are essential for you to see results. I am going to let you in on a few booty building secrets to help you make the most of any of my WBK workouts!

Once I started eating enough good quality food, I saw a massive change in my glutes! They needed so much more energy than I was providing them, so by eating more carbohydrates, fats and (especially) protein, I finally saw the results that I had always been working towards. Carbs are the main source of energy for our body, so don’t neglect them. This macronutrient helps our bodies to sleep, power through our workouts at maximum effort, recover from them and have enough energy left for the rest of the day. Fats are also very important as they help to keep our body functioning! We need healthy fats to regulate our hormones, which in turn will ensure that our body is healthy enough to build muscle. “Katya

Protein is essential if you want stronger glutes. When we lift weights and overload the muscles, they are actually breaking down at the time. It is after our workout and during recovery that the muscles build back together, bigger and stronger than they were before! Protein is the key to this process as it is required when repairing those glutes after leg day.

By adding a protein source to every meal, you are on the right track to providing your body with enough to grow! Here are a few of my favorite recipes that make a great breakfast or snack, which are also packed with protein to support that muscle gain! I use Blessed Protein as a vegan protein powder alternative.

Although nutrition plays a massive role in gaining muscle mass, your training will provide the fundamentals for growing your booty! Having a program to follow is essential so that you can have a plan and be consistent with your training. By training your glutes in similar ranges of movement across a couple of weeks, and ensuring that you increase the weight that you are using, or increasing the intensity (for example more repetitions at the same weight or shorter rest period), you are creating the perfect recipe for muscle growth. This is called progressive overload and it is essential for results!

Booty Builder Program provides you with a great program that is structured and focuses on overloading those muscles by increasing intensity! Have a look at one of the glute workouts I’d be taking you through. “Booty

If your main goal isn’t to build muscle and get those gains, then I have the perfect program for you. Beach Body Transformation would be great for girls in their health and fitness journey who want to lose weight first, as we will be working toward torching that body fat. It will challenge your fitness levels, so those who have fitness-related goals would definitely benefit! We do a wide range of cardio while still including resistance training to keep a toned body while leaning up.

Now that you know a little bit more about what’s needed to promote muscle growth, make sure that you find the right plan to help you reach your goals! If you put what you’ve just learnt into practice, follow the program with consistency & have the support of my WBK squad along the way, then I guarantee that you will see AMAZING RESULTS!

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