Glutes On Fire 🔥 Must-Try Booty Activation Routine

Ever struggled to feel your glutes working during a booty exercise? Well, that may just be because you are forgetting the most important steps in your lower bod workout routine… booty activations!  

Properly activating your glutes before your workout is a GAME-CHANGER, since they need a little extra attention before jumping right into your main workout! 

Booty activations will help fire up your glutes so you feel the burrrnnn and are able to maximize your glute-specific exercises such as hip thrusts and RDLs! 

Why should I do glute activations?

Whilst you can activate your glutes with no equipment, you can take your booty activations to the NEXT-LEVEL with BOOTY BANDS

In our eyes, BOOTY BANDS are a MUST-HAVE because they add extra resistance and force your glute muscles to activate much more efficiently. 

How long should a booty activation routine take and when should I do it?

You should do your booty activations at the start of your workout, before you do your main exercises. It should only take 5 - 10 minutes… just enough time to get those glutes fired up, but not too exhausted to do your main resistance workouts! 

Here’s are FAV booty activation routine to get those glutes fired up 🔥

Complete this circuit 2 times and trust us, you’ll feel the burn! 

Booty Band Crab Walks (x10 steps each way) 

Straight Leg Clams (x10 each leg)

Banded Glute Bridge Abduction (x12 reps) 

Once you start doing booty activations, you’ll never go back! With properly fired up glutes, you’ll feel the burn and be able to perform those booty-building exercises to the best of your ability. 

Be sure to give our booty activation routine a go before your WBK FIT workout, and feel the results! 

WBK FIT Squad xx