Gym Workouts Are Superior - Says Who?

You’re all set and ready to start the Peach Please challenge, but have you decided where you are going to workout? Both the gym and home can be the perfect place for you to get fitty AF. But how do gym workouts compare with home workouts? Can you even get results working out from home? Girls, let’s explore the benefits of both together so you can decide what’s best for you!

Gym workouts 

The gym is like a workout playground! There are loads of machines, loud music pumping, and lots of us taking gym selfies😉. The gym is a total vibe, but for some people, it can seem a little intimidating! Deciding whether you feel comfortable at the gym is up to you. You want to make sure you feel confident in the environment you are working out in so you can slay your workouts! 

The benefits of gym workouts

  • Access to all types of equipment, machines, and weights. This makes it easier for you to progress with your workouts by being able to increase the resistance of your weights, and increase the intensity on cardio machines.

  • Safe and spacious environment for working out. You don’t have to worry about accidentally knocking into the coffee table! The gym space is spacious and set up specifically for all kinds of workouts, whether its heavy weights, HIIT workouts, or stretching.

  • External motivation. At the gym, you are working out with so many other people, which can actually be a massive motivator! Exercising around others may make you work out even harder. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone!

    Home workouts 

    Quarantine has taught us that we can do just about ANYTHING at home, and that includes exercising! You can absolutely get results working out from home - you just have to make sure you have the right equipment (you’ll need dumbbells, booty band, and loop band), keep yourself motivated, and continually push yourself to work towards your fitty goals. 

    The benefits of home workouts 

    • Privacy. Exercising from home gives you the ultimate privacy. This is perfect for those who don’t want any distractions and prefer to just focus on themselves. 

    • Saves time. You don’t have to travel anywhere! You can literally exercise any time that suits you, which may fit into your lifestyle easier. You can even easily fit in a lunch-time workout if you're still working from home! 

    • Maybe less intimidating.  Gym anxiety is totally common amongst beginners. If you really don’t feel comfortable exercising at the gym, then home workouts may allow you to train harder in your own comfortable environment.

      The final verdict 

      The final verdict is… both gym and home workouts are totally just as beneficial as each other! It really depends on your lifestyle, experience level, and what you feel comfortable with. You can absolutely get good results training at home, so don’t stress if that’s the environment you prefer! 

      Personally, I’m down for both! The gym helps get me pumped on days where my motivation is a little low, and home workouts are perfect for when I’m short on time and just wanna complete my workout by myself!

      The best part is, you can easily swap between gym and home workouts at ANYTIME with my WBK app! My advice is give both a try. Either alternate between the two or just stick with the workout location that you feel you SMASH your exercises the most at! 

      I can’t wait to see your amazing progress with the Peach Please challenge. Not a #WBKgirl? Join my community today

      Katya xx