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Being Healthy On A Night Out

Sticking to your health and fitness goals can be SO difficult when it comes to social situations with friends and family. Trust me girls, I know!
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Sticking to your health and fitness goals can be SO difficult when it comes to social situations with friends and family. Trust me girls, I know! Perhaps the girls have planned a night out and you want to join in on the fun... Or, you’re at a family dinner and there isn’t anything healthy on the menu... Or, maybe you’ve been invited out to lunch at work and you’re tired of saying “no thanks”...

How many times have you been stuck in an awkward situation where you’re focused on your health and fitness goals, but at the same time, you don’t want to compromise your social life? In order to live healthily, we need to aim to be healthy in ALL aspects of life (eg. diet, fitness, well-being and social)... But is there really a way to have a healthy social life AND a healthy diet? If you ask me, there sure is! I love being social with my friends and my family and with my #WBKgirls at my Booty Camp events, but I’m also passionate about my plant-based lifestyle and having healthy habits. I admit, I have struggled with finding a balance in the past, but through my experiences, I have learnt so many tips and tricks on how to do so! Keep reading to find out my 6 tips that can help you to find a balance too.

1. Plan your life around your healthy habits

When I was younger, I used to put my social life in front of my nutrition and my training. These days, I do things the other way around! I plan my social activities so that they don’t get in the way of my training sessions. I also make sure that if I’m planning to have a cheat meal or a night out, I get my training session in that day and the day after, so that I can make the most of the extra energy I will be eating. I consider my training sessions to be a non-negotiable habit that I simply must do, even if I’ve had a late night or partied too hard. This approach helps me to make sure that I don’t throw my health and fitness out of the window when I head to a dinner or an event!“Katya

2. Do your research

Whenever I head out to an event or a dinner, I do my research ahead of time to check out the menu. Following a plant-based diet means that many traditional restaurants don’t cater for my needs. So now, whenever I’m heading out I make sure I check to see if there is something on the menu that suits my needs. If there isn’t, I eat beforehand, or bring my own. If you want to create the body of your dreams, you can still be social, but you need to prioritise your health and fitness FIRST!

3. B.Y.O.

This is so simple and yet so effective. Whenever I’m heading to an event at a friend’s home or a picnic or BBQ I put together my favorite plant-based share plate or dish and I bring that along. This way I know I’ve got something that is healthy and suits my needs, PLUS, I get to share my plant-based deliciousness with my friends and family! People are always so surprised at how filling and delicious plant-based meals are, and I love showing them how amazing plant-based food is! “Katya

4. Get to bed at a decent hour

We all know that I love hitting the dance floor, but I am a sensible girl at heart! I absolutely love having a night out with my friends, but I know that sleep is crucial for keeping me sane and making sure that I’m ready to handle my busy life and intense training sessions. So no matter what the occasion is, I set myself a curfew and I stick to it! I make sure that I get my beauty sleep, otherwise my training and my mindset begins to suffer.

5. Stay Hydrated

Our bodies are dependant on hydration for almost every single function, so no matter where we are we need to prioritise our water intake. Substances like caffeine and alcohol, increases our chances of dehydration, which can impact us negatively in so many ways. I make sure I always have a glass or bottle of water with me to sip on. I have found that if I don’t keep my water intake up on a night out, even if I’ve had plenty of sleep, I will feel pretty rough the next day. Plus, if you’re breaking a sweat on the dance floor, it’s basically a workout! You need to replace those lost fluids so you can hit the gym on schedule the next day! “Katya

6. Choose wisely

I get so many opportunities to go to amazing events, restaurants and social activities, and they are all so tempting! But sometimes I have to make a tough call and decline the invite. I wish I could attend every event that I’m invited to, but in reality, my health and fitness goals are my priority. So, I choose the events I attend wisely, and I make sure that I’m not overfilling my social calendar. You can still be a goal-oriented AND social person! But, there may be times when you choose to listen to your body, or prioritise your training if you know an event may go past your curfew or not provide food that supports your preferences and goals. “life These tips ensure that I have a balance between looking after myself, working towards my goals, AND having a healthy social life. So girls, it’s definitely possible to work towards your dream body and still have fun with your loved ones!

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