Inspiration from the new me in 60 winner

Our beautiful @workouts_by_katya squad member ELISE, is a recent winner of my NEW ME IN 60 challenge! Apart from an absolutely incredible transformation, she also has quite a story to tell - and how her life has significantly turned around ever since joining the #WBKgirls family! As a winner of the challenge, she has won the GRAND PRIZE of an all-expenses paid trip from her hometown, Leicestershire, United Kingdom all the way to ✈➡ Miami, Florida - where I'll be able to MEET her and take her through a killer WBK workout!

The Beginning Of Her Journey

Elise started her journey as a lot of us typically do, ‘on Monday’. Leading up to the start of a new diet, Elise would overindulge on the weekend and start fresh on Monday. However this unfortunately led to an unhealthy cycle of bingeing and restricting. She spent a lot of time with low confidence, and she states that ‘seeing other WBK girls’ transformations seemed like a far off dream that would never come true’.

Elise saw the New Me in 60 Challenge, and knew that this was her time to push herself and actually stick to a healthier lifestyle, never imagining that she would actually win… “transformation” Week One to Week Eight of the New Me in 60 Challenge.

The first program that Elise completed was a home version as she was nervous about going to the gym and worried about what other people may think of her. However throughout the challenge she ended up attending the gym, and as she saw more results she pushed herself to go more and more. Elise no longer cares what others may think about her, but also realises that they aren’t even bothered anyway! “gym Elise Now Feels Confident in the Gym.

Knowledge is Power

#WBK has not only taught Elise so much about nutrition and training, but also how to improve her mindset towards life! Before the challenge, Elise would struggle to find the motivation to make an effort with friends, family or the gym because she was just unhappy. After kick starting her health and fitness journey with me, she has turned that mindset right around! Elise says this ‘like flicking a switch, I now look for the positives in everything life throws my way.

I feel happy, I hang out with my friends and family and I actually look forward to going to the gym! Her motivation is high, whether it is going to the gym alone for a WBK session, going to a group class with her friends OR even going to a group class alone!! The increase in confidence is incredible! “transformation” Week One to Week 8 of The New Me in 60 Challenge.

WBK has taught Elise how to fuel her body with nutrients. She now feels sick at the thought of the McDonald’s she used to eat daily! WBK preaches a balanced lifestyle, so Elise knows that there is absolutely no reason to feel guilty about treating herself, however she now naturally craves nutrient-dense foods that will fuel her days and workouts.

The meal plan provided Elise with so many recipes that she had never tried before, teaching her heaps of ways to include more veggies into her diet! It was so easy to do a big grocery shop and meal prep the food to take it to college with her. “healthy Elise's delicious healthy pitas full of nutrients!

The Support Elise Has Received

The Facebook group that I created for all of my girls to share their stories, experiences, good days and bad days has helped Elise way more than she thought that it would. She has said that ‘the girls are always posting motivational quotes or even just a ‘have a good day’, or ‘work hard’, and set the rest of the group up for a fantastic day.

Having other challenge members post about their bad days, or their weekend of ‘falling off the wagon’ made me realise that EVERYONE has those days and it is totally normal.’ It is so heart-warming to see girls from across the world come together and help one another.

EHPlabs OxyShred and my Booty Bands are two products that helped Elise to accelerate her results throughout her journey. OxyShred provides not only an amazing energy boost pre-workout so that Elise could train her very hardest every single session, but the product also provides her with extra fat-burning opportunities. It does this by stimulating your body’s fat receptor cells and boosting your metabolism!

The booty bands can be used for warm-ups, as added resistance during main lifts and for a booty burn-out at the end of sessions. By using the bands you will engage and target those glutes so much more as you really need to focus on pushing your knees out, away from the resistance. It is those small 1% things that really make all the difference during a health and fitness journey. “transformation”

Week One to Week Eight of the New Me in 60 Challenge.

Workouts by Katya Elise was thankful for the WBK team helping her with anything she needed, from answering questions about the program to lowering her calories when she asked. The program was super adaptable, so she could change exercises depending on what was available and her abilities.

I and the team absolutely loved having Elise as apart of the challenge, and it was an honor to crown her the winner! She put in the work, training her hardest, sticking to the meal plan and working on her mindset!

From week one with me until now, I can not believe that I was the girl on the ‘before’ photo, and I now care about not only what I feed my body, but also how I treat it. - Elise

If you would love to begin, continue or accelerate your health and fitness journey then take a look at my current programs! ‘Beach Body Transformation’ is for those looking to tone up and shred fat, and ‘Booty Builder’ is for the ladies who want booty gains and to build lean muscle. I can’t wait to get started with you!