Let’s Give a Lil’ Thanks This ‘Thanksgiving’!

Thanksgiving week is here and I am allllll for it! This year things may be a lil’ different than usual but that’s okay. I mean, let’s face it, nothing about this year has been normal and I’m sure a lot of us are thinking about it being over soon! Galllll, same! Let’s not let it make thanksgiving less enjoyable though...take the time to savor the moment using my top tips below!

Give gratitude

At times this year, it hasn’t been easy to look on the bright side....but it’s important to give gratitude not only to give thanks to others who may have supported you but also to help with your own mental health. Self-love is just as important as love for others my #WBKgirls! Try thinking of three things to be grateful for today and repeat these over in your head anytime throughout the day if you’re ever feeling a little down. 

Enjoy the food 

It can be easy to get caught up in thinking about the excess calories we may consume over the festive season. However, this is no way to live your life gal! Remember one day of eating indulgent foods isn’t going to ruin your progress, just like one salad isn’t going to give you the body of your dreams! Food is a part of life and should be enjoyed too! 

Savor the foods you may not have often and use your mindful eating skills! Think about the taste, texture, smell, and visual appearance of the food as this helps you mindfully acknowledge feelings of fullness and satiation. Check out my Vegan Pumpkin Pie recipe below for an epic thanksgiving dessert!

Spend time with family or friends 

Thanksgiving is a time for us to spend with family and friends and this year should be the same! Only in some cases, this might have to be virtual!!! Though this shouldn’t be a reason not to pick up the phone and contact your loved ones, even if you can’t be with them in person. They will appreciate it, and you’ll be glad you did! 

Do something active 

If you can, try doing something active even if it’s just 10-15 minutes. Did you know going for a short walk can help with digestion? I know I need that extra help after a big festive meal! Try going for a walk with your bestie or a family member for some fresh air after your feast!

Vegan Pumpkin Pie | RecipeVegan Pumpkin Pie | IngredientsVegan Pumpkin Pie | Method

Give yourself the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the festive season and enjoy this time as much as you can! This year’s been rough so let’s end things on a positive note! Eat the yummy food, enjoy the company, and give thanks this Thanksgiving!

Katya xx