My Secret Weapon for a Sculpted Booty

Ever wondered how to use resistance bands?

Well your girl is here to help you out! Resistance bands are the PERFECT workout accessory for a total body workout whether at home or the gym - and I’m OBSESSED! Resistance bands can be used to boost your warm up as well as during strength training to help sculpt and tone your body to the next level! But why are there so many different types? And how do youactually use them? Girl - I hear you, and I’m here to set the record straight!

The Loop Band

The long loop resistance band has FINALLY restocked at WBK! What’s super special about this band is that it can not only be used to add extra resistance to your exercises, but it can also be used to provide assistance for certain exercises, like chin ups! This band can be used for both upper and lower body workouts since you can use it to perform a range of exercises like rows, crunches, lunges and more! And for all my home workout gals - this band can be used as an alternative to machine-based exercises, so you can still achieve your gains no matter where you are!

The Booty Band 

This should be a staple for every #WBKgirlThe booty band is the ultimate accessory for building your booty, toning and shaping your legs. Providing medium resistance, this latex band is perfect for lower body warm ups and for providing extra resistance to make workouts more difficult - hello summer booty! The booty band can be easily incorporated into both home and gym workouts for a range of exercises like glute bridges, lateral band walks, squats and more! 

The Booty Band Kit 

This kit is the complete booty band set for all my WBK girls!  The booty band kit comes with three bands for three levels of resistance - light, medium, and heavy. You can use the light resistance band for warm up exercises, and then the medium and heavy bands to increase the intensity of strength exercises for an extra sculpted booty! Having the different levels of resistance makes it perfectly customizable to your level of experience, so you can take your training to the next level!

The Cotton Band Kit

The cotton band kit includes two ‘booty bands’ but they are made from cotton, instead of latex. Cotton bands can feel more comfortable on bare skin, especially when the band is around your legs - perfect for you girls who like to train in booty shorts! The cotton band kit includes a light resistance and a medium resistance band, perfect for warm ups and activating your glutes during your workouts!

Try my FAV resistance band exercises!

I hope y'all are excited to take your workouts to the next level with resistance bands! Still want to learn more? Check out my Booty Band Bible! The Booty Band Bible teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know about how to use the bands, a range of exercises, and bonus tips and tricks from me! 

Katya xx