I Haven't Seen Any Changes Yet, Whats Happening?


Changes take time...

It takes time to see changes in your body – more than two weeks most of the time. Don’t be disheartened though – your workouts are having a HUGE impact on the inside of your body and will start to produce the results that you want on the outside. You just have to stick with it!


But they’re happening!

Right now, your muscles are getting stronger and more toned, your heart and lungs are becoming more efficient, and your brain is adapting in a positive way. Have you noticed any changes in focus or motivation?

Also, your blood pressure will have decreased and so too will your blood sugar. These changes are small and not visible from the outside, but they are happening!


Your body is figuring out how to adapt

Relax, your weight might not have changed much at all… in fact, you might have even gained a little weight! Don’t worry - this is NOT bad news! When you start my program, you become more active - this means you need more energy - as a response your body increases the amount of energy stored in your muscles! This energy is stored as glycogen, which is HEAVY! So while you have lost some fat, you have added more energy storage (which is a good thing) which is why your weight might not have changed much yet.


This is the most important time!

This is the time when you’re most likely to drop out of a workout program! It’s like when a marathon runner hits the wall - your body is stubborn, but after a few weeks if you persist it is forced to change. This is the most fun! From here, the training gets easier (the workouts get harder), you get more energetic, you start to feel better and you start to notice little things changing! Trust me and stick with me for the full 8 weeks - i’m taking you through your own personal journey, and you WILL see your results!


Eating right is half the battle

Remember, what you do in the gym is only half the battle – you also need to be eating right. A good workout could burn as many as 600 calories but a single slice of pizza contains just as many. Make sure your eating supports your exercise program and doesn’t undo your tough workouts.


Muscle Tone

Even if your goal is to lose weight, we still want to build some muscle and increase your muscle tone. Everything in your body works together, so we need to train your whole body - and by building each body part, we are making the pieces of the puzzle fit together to sculpt the body of your dreams.