Our Top 5 THICC Transformations

THICC challenge is rigghttt around the corner!

THICC is all about sculpting a curvaceous bod, which is EXACTLY what these #WBKgirls have done!

With the help of our WBK FIT trainers, you can build your booty, snatch that waist and sculpt that hourglass figure.

Need some more inspo to get started on your FITTY goals? Here are our top FAV THICC transformations! 


"Loved every second of the challenge! Thank you so much WBK for helping me fall back in love with HIIT and weights after such a demotivating year in lockdown - absolutely in shock at the progress I have made from home with limited equipment!"⁠⁠


“I could not have had a better experience. From learning new exercises to using the app. It’s been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. The app is like my best friend!”

“One of the things I really enjoyed was that when doing the workout you see the trainers do it and they explain to you how to. It’s super easy to follow along.”

“I could not be happier about my transformation. I have come a long way and I know it’s not over yet! No one is going to love you more than you can love yourself!”


 "I am so happy with my results!! I feel stronger and my waist feels slimmer! I still have stretch marks and cellulite, AND I’m completely okay with that. I’m learning to love my body.” ⁠⁠

“I am so proud of myself for how hard I have worked during these 8 weeks and I’m not stopping now. I can’t wait for the next challenge!"


“I learned how to push myself for what I want and I actually learned to fall in love with my body again. Thank you so much Katya, without you & the community you’ve built I wouldn’t be where I am today and that’s truly happy again. I can’t wait for the next one and to keep pushing on my journey."⁠⁠


“This has been one of the best fitness experiences I’ve had & it was all done from home. I’ve gone on & off with fitness over the years & cannot believe my own progress photos. I learned to be fully dedicated & trust in the process."⁠⁠ 

We are SO proud of all the transformations our #WBKgirls have achieved!Are you ready for YOUR transformation? There are LIMITED SPOTS left for our THICC Challenge

Starting on August 30th, THICC is our OG challenge giving you 8 weeks for workouts AND nutrition to build your best slim thicc bod!

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WBK FIT Squad xx